How to train for your body type

How to train for your body type


We all have very different body types; tall, short, long, strong. 

Each one of us is built differently, and while we might not be able to change our genetics, there are ways to approach training that can help you to achieve your goals no matter what your body type. 

There are three main body types. 

Of course, we don’t all fit neatly into a category, but they provide a good starting point when it comes to tailoring your training and nutrition. 

The three main body types are: 

Ectomorph: Characterised by their lean and long frame, an Ectomorph tends to have a low body fat percentage but struggles to gain muscle. 

Endomorph: An endomorph tends to have a larger frame and store a lot more body fat than the other body types. 

Mesomorph: Typically, a mesomorph will have a muscular frame and responsive muscle cells.

How to train as an Ectomorph 

The main aim of your training programme is likely to be focused on gaining lean muscle mass rather than losing fat. 

To do this, we would recommend avoiding intense cardio and instead concentrate your training around heavy weight sessions.

Rather than lifting light weights for lots of reps, focus more on pushing yourself to try heavier weights with a lower rep range and longer breaks in between. 

You should also ensure that you’re fuelling your body, so may want to eat in a calorie surplus to build more muscle. 

How to train as an Endomorph

As your frame is likely to store more fat, incorporating fat burning exercises such as HIIT training and intense cardio into your programme would be beneficial. 

Make sure you’re not neglecting resistance training though!

Focus on getting in high repetitions with short rest times to build up muscular endurance. This will also help to build lean muscle mass, which in turn will help to speed up your metabolism

How to train as a Mesomorph

You might be blessed with a muscular build, but that doesn’t mean that the gains are going to come by sitting and watching Netflixmaintaining lean muscle takes work. 

Make sure your training programme incorporates both cardio and resistance training to keep you fit and healthy. 

A Mesomorph also responds well to volume training, so increase your rep range and lower your rest time to see some serious gains. 

Which body type are you? And how do you tailor your training around this? Let us know in the comments below. 

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