How To Survive January | Francesca Jackson-Spence


How To Survive January | Francesca Jackson-Spence


With the New Year approaching, you will be inundated with slogans such as ‘New Year, New You’ but what I prefer to go by is, ‘New Year, Better You’. When you’re back to work, there will be people in the office banging on about the fancy new fad diet they’re trying and how much weight they are going to lose.

Having been there myself, I don’t believe you need to be one of those people. So, I’ve compiled a list of my top tips to get you off to a good start this year! 

1) Firstly, remember that one week of eating excessively will not have undone your year of hard work in the gym. If you don’t like your body by next December, it’s not because you had an extra serving of roast potatoes 364 days ago. Consistency is key. So, get back into your normal gym routine (normal. Not adding in hours of cardio or sickening amounts of supersets that are going to make you dread going)!  

2) You can still eat a large plate of food! Just start swapping some of the sausage rolls and cheese for green veg and fruits to get some colour on your plate! They are full of fibre, which will help you feel more full for less calories + added benefit of vitamins and minerals!

3) Don’t binge eat all the bad food in your house just to ‘get rid of it’.

4) Don’t go literally ‘cold turkey’ and cut out a food group on a whim, you’ll probably end up craving carbs or fats later in the day and consume more than you would have had you not restricted. 

5) Don’t skip breakfast (unless you are completely not hungry yet). Skipping breakfast leads to a restrictive mentality and that is not the best habit to fall into! Saying no to foods you want to eat usually has worse outcomes than saying yes.

6) Don’t set a diet that has ‘an endpoint’ instead, try and pick nutritious options 80% of the time and 20% of the time incorporate the food you enjoy in moderation. This more sustainable method of actually making a lifestyle change will set you up for life, not just for Christmas! 

7) Similarly, changing everything about your lifestyle at once can be overwhelming. If you are new to exercise, get used to that before you start adding Chia to every meal. 

8) Get moving! “Fitness” isn’t just repping weights in the gym like your favourite influencer. Any activity will be beneficial. Why not use how you’re feeling now as motivation to take up a new hobby or sport that keeps you active a few times a week! 

9) Be nice to newbies in the gym- you used to be one of those people. Instead of huffing and puffing that you’re having to wait, why not offer to show them how to use the equipment? 

10) Finally, my favourite tip: Get yourself some new gym kit in the January sales! If you’re still a student like me, Gymshark are now offering 10% discount, so the Christmas treats don’t have to end now! 

For more advice on how to appropriately design your diet/meals check out my previous posts on ‘A Beginners Guide To Proper Nutrition’ Parts I + II

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