How to survive December (when you're trying to be good)

How to survive December (when you're trying to be good)


Okay so let's face it, December is not a diet-friendly month! 

All those parties, nights out, mince pies and tins of Quality Streets seem to be sent every year to sabotage all our hard work and healthy habits.

However, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to give in completely and spend the month in a Baileys and chocolate induced coma, only to wake up in January feeling horrendous.

So, how can we still enjoy ourselves but keep those healthy habits going? 

Here are my seven top tips for enjoying the festive season.

Don't fall victim to the tin of chocolates 

Eat those Quality Streets (it is Christmas after all) but take a few out of the tin then put it away, so you don't sit there in front of the TV mindlessly snacking.

Walk more

Okay, so I know it's bloody freezing outside. 

However, getting out and going for a wander is a great way to keep active and burn off a few extra calories and make the most of the festive period

Just remember to take your scarf!

Keep drinking lots of water 

Remember you should be getting around 2.5L a day and, nope, mulled wine does not count. 

I am sorry…

Try to make exercise a part of your daily routine

Put your workout in your diary so it's something you do like any other appointment. 

It doesn't have to be an hour's hard slog at the gym - do a YouTube yoga workout, go for a run or even dig out those Davina DVDs!

Anything is better than nothing.

Pick and choose when it comes to booze

On nights out try to avoid the sugary alcopops, cocktails and anything cream based (Yes Baileys, I mean you)

Instead, choose clear liquids such as gin or vodka and have them with soda and a squeeze of lime or low-calorie tonic.

Always start the day with a healthy breakfast

Start your day right, and you will find yourself feeling a lot more motivated and ready for the day

Oats are a great option as they help to stabilise blood sugar and keep you fuller for longer meaning you won't be reaching for junk food mid-morning... in theory.

Hold back on the Christmas coffees

Yep, I am heartbroken about it too. 

However, a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Latte with whipped cream can contain around 500 calories. It may taste like Christmas in a cup, but too many and you might find yourself jeopardising your goals.

Find out how many calories are in your favourite Christmas coffees here

Let's be realistic, it's the festive season, everyone likes to enjoy themselves, and I'm not suggesting you turn into a Christmas bore, so enjoy yourselves but don't go mad.

Letting yourself go completely all through December will make it harder to get back on track come January. 

Focus on all the hard work you've been putting in and keep on going.

Look after yourselves and become the best version of you.

Luisa McLoughlin (@luisamcloughlinpt)

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