How To Get A Bikini Body


How To Get A Bikini Body


A little birdie told us that it was International Bikini Day and we’ll be completely honest; two things sprung to mind…

-Pamela Anderson running slow-motion on a beach in Baywatch…


-Tina the talking tummy… (you most definitely know what we’re on about, don’t lie).

Question is, what classifies a body as ‘bikini ready’ and more importantly; how on earth do we get it?

Well, with it being swimsuit season (a hallowed time of year for the majority of us) there is no doubt that your social feed is now clogged up with articles on juice cleanses, crash summer diets and quick-fix, boot camp workouts designed to get you in shape, just in time for summer.

We’re sorted…right?

Well, the way that we see it; this also means that it’s the perfect time of year to say that the only way to get a bikini body is to quite literally; get a body (preferably your own) and put a bikini on it.

Self-love. Yeah, we dig it.

So, we've got some simple steps;

1. Get yourself that bikini you’ve been eyeing up.

2. Book yourself a holiday or, if you're lucky enough to live near a beach...get down there.

3. And for the love of summer, get somebody to take a hot-damn bikini photo of you slaying life.

It is International Bikini Day after all. 

Oh, and just to let you into a little secret...we've got some exciting news coming shortly...


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