How to deadlift properly

How to deadlift properly


The deadlift is one of the ‘big-three’ compound exercises, along with a squat and a bench press, and is a real full body movement. 

If done correctly, deadlifting will work your whole body, from your posterior chain and lower body to your forearms

As well as being arguably one of the most effective exercises in the gym, it is also one of the most functional movements. Chances are you're deadlifting every single day without even knowing it. 

There are loads of different deadlift alternatives out there, but it is worth mastering the basics of the conventional deadlift before mixing things up. This will help to make sure you're preventing any injuries and getting the most benefit from the exercise. 

Here is how to make sure your conventional deadlift form is on point.

The Conventional Deadlift

Probably the most common of the deadlifts is the conventional deadlift. 

Once you have sussed the form for this, other deadlift variations will come easily. Ensuring correct form when deadlift is essential, so start with a light weight until you get the hang of it. 

You can split the movement into 3 different parts: Set-Up, Drive and Lockout. 


Let's get set up... 

  • Begin with the bar just in front of you, nearly touching your legs. 
  • Once you have got your position right, begin to hinge your hips and bend your knees, ensuring that your back remains long and straight. 
  • When you’re ready, grip the bar either in between or just outside of your legs. 
  • Before pulling the bar, lower your shoulders and engage your lats.


Now it’s time for the drive. 

  • Make sure at this point you are pushing down through your heels and maintain a long, straight back. If you feel yourself pulling through your lower back, you may want to lower the weight
  • Keep your back muscles contracted and your abs engaged. 


Finally, it’s time for the lockout. 

  • Drive your hips completely into the bar while maintaining a neutral spine. 
  • Squeeze together those glutes at the top and watch to make sure you aren’t hyperextending at the top. 

To finish the deadlift, maintain correct and safe form and follow the steps in reverse order. 

Now you have mastered the basics, you can start spicing up your deadlift. 

Are deadlifts a part of your workout programme? Let us know in the comments below and share your deadlift PB! 

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