How To Build A Mindset For Success | Failure Leads To Success


How To Build A Mindset For Success | Failure Leads To Success


Failure leads to succes? This guy has to be watching Stranger Things because that sounds like the upside down. But it actually makes alot sense, let me tell you why:

Personally I hate failing. I can get very upset when im not good at something- especially sports. For some reason I always need to be the best at something. Whenever I try out something new I always put very high standards on myself. I actually don’t know why I do this, I guess I just am born this way. 

I will never ever like failure, but im slowly learning how to deal with it and im starting to understand its purpose. Failure doesn’t mean the end. Failure is actually the beginning. Failure gives us an opportunity to learn and become better. 

I think you should never enjoy failure but you should always enjoy it’s purpose.

No-one can avoid failure, especially when you aim for big successs. You know those scenes in fighter movies where the main charachter get’s punched in the face and you see blood spattering towards the camera. But then he looks back at his opponent and is like “bring it on”.

Yeah, that’s pretty much how failure works to me. It will punch you really really hard in the face and it will hurt. You might even bleed a little. But it’s all about how you deal with that punch. Are you willing to fight back or are you taking the punch and never try to counter it?

“It’s not about failure, it’s about how you deal with it”

Not a single success story is without ups & downs. The path to success simply just isn’t a straight line, it has many detours and for some more than others. 

First of all, I dont think we know what “success” personally means to us untill we get closer to it. Failure helps us understand what our path is and more importantly; what our path isn’t.

Failure makes us question ourselves and our actions. Failure teaches us to improve and work on our weaknesses. 

In fact, I believe you NEED failure in order to succeed. The more you fail the more you learn. But you always have to keep trying. If you give up, that means you learned nothing and you will not move forward. You will never become a master if you give up.

“The master has tried more than the student has failed”


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