How To Build A Mind-Set Primed For Success


How To Build A Mind-Set Primed For Success


There I sat, 17 years old, and spending hours upon hours playing video games, and recording gameplay for YouTube videos. 

‘Addicted’, as my mom liked to call me. 

I played football on Saturdays, practiced on Wednesdays, other than that, I didn’t do much else but play video games. 

Obsessed with the YouTube team ‘FaZeClan’. 

'One day, I’ll join the team', I told my friend, who obviously laughed at me. He was right, I wasn’t even close to being good enough to join the most prestigious teams in Call Of Duty. 

As the years progressed, I became more and more obsessed with the team, but I stopped playing as much. Moving to Amsterdam for film school and living in an old theatre without internet connection meant no gaming for me! Due to the lack of video games, I had hours on my hands to spend as I pleased. That’s when I discovered the gym.

As I was an extremely skinny kid, I always wanted to look a little more ‘buff’. I never thought about joining the gym until a friend asked me along. I haven’t looked back since. 

This was also where I heard about Gymshark- my friends were always wearing Gymshark LuXe Bottoms, and I had to join the crew. My first Gymshark order was a pair of grey LuXe bottoms and a striped tank top. I loved it from the start. 

I was always very active on YouTube due to gaming, so naturally I discovered the fitness community with people like: Matt Ogus, Jeff Seid, Chris Lavado, Lex Griffin and many more. 

Because these athletes were going to Germany for FIBO, I decided to go with my friends. The first year was awesome! I had a picture with Furious Pete and shook hands with Marc Fitt. Whuuut. 

‘I should make a YouTube Fitness Channel and document my progress’ I thought. Immediately, I had my next goal in mind- to be at a fitness Expo as a Gymshark athlete. The following years I went to Germany to visit the Gymshark stand and check out my favourite athletes. I continued to watch FaZeClan and I worked out 5 times a week with friends. 

I began working on videos and social media posts for FaZeFitness, alongside this, I started my own channel. I saw a massive opportunity in front of me and decided I wanted to do this full-time. After 6 months, I got in contact with Gymshark about becoming an affiliate. A HUGE deal for me at the time, as this would bring me closer to the goal I set. 

Fast forward another 2 years- I am a Gymshark Academy member, and a full-time Fitness/Nutrition Coach for FaZeClan’s e-Sports teams (professional gamers). 

I have managed to join, and work, with my 2 favourite organisations: Gymshark and FaZeClan.

I had a very normal upbringing; go to school, get good grades, play sports, make friends, get a job, pay off student loans, pay taxes and have kids. 

This is a path many parents paint for their kids, it is the norm. For me, success meant something else, and I didn’t want to follow the normal route. So, I took a completely different path. I didn’t go to University, but decided to pursue my passion for fitness, gaming, and YouTube. 

For most people, success has a different meaning, but it is always achieved one way: you need to work your ass off to get it.

Building a mindset for success can be very hard, and I am in no way saying you can’t build one, but it may be harder for you, than for someone else. 

The idea of grinding and working hard might not sound fun to you, yet, this is the most important thing about chasing success. A mindset built for success is positive and confident, you are able to think and see outside of the norm. That’s what being a visionary means to me. "Sometimes you have to close your eyes in order to see."

The actual answer to the question ‘How to build a mindset for success’ is hard to answer, as it is so different for everyone. I mean, accepting the fact it won’t be easy, and you need to work your ass off is the simplest answer I could give. However, it is so much more than that, it’s also having no time for failure- ‘The Master failed more than the student has tried’. 

Positivity is a HUGE part of this mindset. Whatever setback I am facing, my mind is ALWAYS telling me it will be okay, it will always get better, just keep working. 

"There is a time and place for everything, except for failure, there’s no time for that".

When I set my sights on a new goal, I never doubt myself. I will complete it. I am always confident, in myself, and in my abilities. For me, confidence is the most important thing when it comes to success. Why would you not believe in yourself? How can you expect anyone to believe in you, when you don’t believe in yourself? 

Being confident doesn’t affect anyone but yourself. It does not mean ‘I am better than you’. Obviously, confidence has a realistic limit; yes, I will be a Gymshark Athlete one day, no, I will never be as good as Michael Jordan at basketball, because, well, I am a 5’7 white guy. 

I never focus on anything I know I can’t, and don’t want to achieve. Too many people focus on everything they are not good at, instead of focusing on stuff they are very good at. Why would I spend time trying to get better at basketball, when I know I will never be the best?

When I shake Marc’s hand and say, ‘one day I will be in his shoes’, or when I say ‘I will join FaZe’, I truly believe it. I still do. I have now joined FaZe, and I have slowly worked my way up to become a contracted employee. 

I haven’t yet been on a Gymshark stand as an athlete. I just worked backstage this year- which was a lot of fun! However, this does not mean it’s not going to happen, because it will. If I am patient and work hard, I know I will achieve that goal as well. 

You can find my Instagram here! Also, my YouTube here

Thank you for reading guys! 


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