Hot Right Now: Top Affordable Destinations To Travel To In 2019

Hot Right Now: Top Affordable Destinations To Travel To In 2019


Not all holiday destinations have to be an expensive, out-of-pocket experience. To prove just that - we've taken a look into a variety of luxurious holiday destinations made for affordable adventures...

Egypt's Southern Nile Valley is the flag-bearer for the country's return to the 'travel super league' and its near-incomparable historical itinerary represents a superb deal for travellers in 2019.

Take for example; if you're on a cruise, all food and land transport will be included; otherwise, it's easy to make inexpensive arrangements for all but a handful of big-ticket temples and tombs, which are more than worth the admission price themselves.

The ambitious post-industrial city of Łódź, is in a rapid state of transformation. It combines renovation of industrial spaces with bold architectural projects: former factories and other spaces are now being transformed into cultural, shopping and entertainment areas. 

Think of it as a new, more affordable version of Dubai...

Preceding years have seen travelling costs to Argentina creeping up, but despite what you think, the country's efforts to encourage visitors can actually offer some significant savings.

For example; overseas visitors who pay for their accommodation with an international credit card, can receive a refund on the 21% rate of VAT (Value Added Tax), plus there are heaps of savings on visa fees for certain nationalities.

The solar eclipse crossing the north of the country is but another incentive to visit in 2019...

Independent travel is growing in the Maldives as word gets out about a network of inexpensive places to stay on the islands. 

Unfortunately, as far as dreams go - we're not talking SE Asia cheap, but an increasing number of inhabited, non-resort islands have their own locally run guesthouses, avoiding the expensive resort scene and bringing visitors close to what can be the otherwise elusive Maldivian culture.

Although trips into orbit remain prohibitively expensive, the city from where the moon landing were guided, is a great-value place to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the giant leap for mankind.

The up-and-coming EaDo (East Downtown) district is home to an open-air gallery of murals, and a self-guided tour can take you around this colourful part of town. 




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