Gymsharks Guide To Getting What You Want | Launch Day Tips


Gymsharks Guide To Getting What You Want | Launch Day Tips


The secret is officially out.

We’re revealing our in-house tips on how to always cop what you want during a big Gymshark launch.

Because, let’s face it, we know it can be stressful.

And we are not about that life

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Tip Number One

Emails, Social Media and our Blog 

We can promise you this, we don’t blow up your inbox with a whole bunch of unnecessary emails - we only send you the good stuff.

Like product launch dates

Our emails allow you to be the first to know; dates, times, and basically all the relevant information you need. 

Turn on your Post Notifications

Missed that email? Don’t panic, our Instagram (Gymshark Main and Gymshark Women) and Twitter will keep you updated on all launches! Not only that, you can preview full collections on our Pinterest, right here

Gymshark Central

We’re here to give you all that information, and a little bit more.

From Style Guides, product reviews, and articles to Find Your Fit, we’re on hand to keep you updated and informed (you can subscribe below)!  

Tip Number Two

Practice Order

Nope, we’re not joking.

If you don’t know your way around the website, how will you cope on that all-important launch day?!

So, find something you love and place that practice order! 

I mean come on, who is going to argue with that, right

Find Your Fit

You'll need to know your sizes before you order, so get it done in advance! 

Unsure of your size? Don't panic, check out our fit guides;


Sports Bra

You can also watch our athletes product reviews! They'll make suggestions as to whether they think you should size up, or size down. 

Tip Number Three

Launch Day

Ok, so the big day has arrived.

Here’s how we suggest you get through this;

• Always sign in to your account beforehand (don’t have one? We suggest creating one)!

• Get yourself on the website five minutes before launch... or ten, or fifteen... just keep it open all day, ok?

• Once that launch time hits, add everything you want to your basket! 

Remember to quick shop. Simply hover over the product picture and select your size, it will instantly add to your basket! It's quicker than clicking through to the product. 

We never assume a product will sell out (we don’t like to be big headed), so we are always humbled when it does.

However, we understand this can be frustrating for you, so we want everyone to be as prepared as possible!

Remember, here at GSHQ, we order just like everyone else! And trust us, we’re right there with you – sweaty palms and everything. 

(Yes, we do all Snapchat each other about who managed to order what, we're not ashamed).

So, we decided to ask our Head of Campaign & Creative, Ash Wilson, how he always (no seriously, always) gets his hands on the incredibly sought-after T-shirt Supply

Genuinely, he has every single one so far.

“I always pay through Apple Pay - it's the quickest way! Or you can save your card details through Chrome, this way they will simply autofill when you begin typing, it saves a lot of time.”

What are you waiting for? We think it's time to place that practice order... 

Any questions or tips to add? Drop us a comment below! 


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