Gymshark x Wingstop: The Recess Collection

Gymshark x Wingstop: The Recess Collection


We’re not entirely sure what could be better than a new Gymshark collection and chicken…

On Thursday the 27th of June, Gymshark made its way to Wingstop to celebrate the release of the new Recess Collection
And quite frankly, it was delicious. 

And also pretty freakin' cool. 

Look, we’re not ones to blow our own trumpets, but due to how ridiculously cool this event actually was, we’re gonna have to.

Sorry not sorry. 

Last night, Wingstop opened its doors to Gymshark and allowed us a one night takeover in which we unveiled the Recess Collection. From ridiculously sleek cobranding, to an ultimate guest list, we served up chicken wings, with a side of tracksuit… and a little ranch dressing. 

Steel Banglez and Amelia Dimz

For dessert? How does some churros and an interview with Amelia Dimz for Chicken Shop Date sound? 

Well, that's how it went for Wretch 32 anyway… 

From there? Take a seat and listen to some music whilst you enjoy your food. If you’re not feeling getting too messy, whack on some gloves (a little like T1), and relax in the knowledge that your new Recess tracksuit is safe from the sauce... 

Left to Right: Wretch 32 and Amelia Dimz, Theo Johnson

Don’t panic, the night isn’t over just yet. Move on downstairs and mingle, you may find yourself next to the likes of not3sofficial...

With the night drawing to a close, why not grab some wings to go? You wouldn't want to get hungry on the journey home now. 

Anyway, whilst we've got you here, we think it's time you copped your very own Recess tracksuit, don't you? Scroll down to find the links you're looking for. 

Be sure to let us know what colour you go for... 


We cannot thank Wingstop enough for allowing us to set up shop in your awesome space, it was definitely a night to remember. 

Want to know more about the Recess collection? Check it out, right here!
Fancy learning a little more about Wingstop? You can find out here



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