Gymshark World Tour: UK & Ireland


Gymshark World Tour: UK & Ireland


 ‘Are you part of the Gymshark family?’

The next stop on the Gymshark World Tour was London, and the experience was overwhelming. 

The meet and greet in Parliament Square was the perfect example of what we strived to accomplish when we began the World Tour.

It was not about waiting in queues for six hours, or having two minutes to meet someone, it was about having time.

Time to spend with a person you have wanted to meet for years, time to talk about your accomplishments and achievements, time to inspire.

  We could not have been more inspired than what we were on this day, the people and the atmosphere were exceptional and we were overwhelmed by the outcome.

As Nikki explains within the video, the World Tour was about taking everyone out of the Expo environment. We are within your town, your city, it is your home. 

Going to the outdoor gym gave us that sense of family, as the athletes could connect with those around them on a level that we would not have experienced within an Expo.

The next stop was Ireland.

Within the video you can hear stories that justify the reason as to why we embarked upon this World Tour.

From the expense of a plane ticket, to queue times, we hear the extraordinary stories of people who have taken the time to come see us, and we can finally give something back.

Now, imagine a turnout of people so big, it gets shut down by the police.

Well, that happened.

We arrived in Dublin and could not have anticipated the huge crowd that arrived for Gymshark, we were completely taken aback, and so thankful for the incredible people that made the effort to see us.

The athletes tried as hard as they could to take selfies and speak to as many people as possible, although being shut down by the police (whoops) made it slightly difficult.

To witness the chaos that ensued whilst on this tour, check out the video.


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