Gymshark Snapchat | Shop And Cop

Gymshark Snapchat | Shop And Cop


Today was Hack Friday.

And as if Hack Friday wasn't enough, we collaborated with Snapchat for a two hour soft launch of their new feature ‘Shop And Cop’.

During this two hour period, you could shop selected Gymshark items at up to 50% off (pretty awesome, right?)

Shop And Cop allows you to shop within the Snapchat App, without being redirected to a website. And it’s officially coming this Black Friday. 

Every few hours, one retailer will be featured within the channel for a limited time, offering exclusive items and discounts. 

Shopping just got a lot easier.

Check us out on our Snapchat channel, Gymsharktv, so you never miss anything like this again! 

Did you manage to Shop And Cop the Gymshark Hack Friday? Let us know below! 



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