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Gymshark Reveals | The Gravity Tracksuit

Gymshark Reveals | The Gravity Tracksuit


Gravity changes the game.

With its superior design, agility is refined and enhanced by the Gravity Tracksuit. Movements become quicker, more fluid and seamless. Fabrics feel like a second-skin, with precision engineered 4-way stretch that shifts effortlessly with you.

Achieve full focus. No distractions, irritation or limitations.

"The fabric is quick to react, making movement feel free and easy without losing its form fit," explains Jack Lamont, Senior Menswear Designer at Gymshark. "The Gravity is your pinnacle sports tracksuit."

Bulky clothing restricts and extra material is an unnecessary hazard to your performance. The Gravity Collection sports a form fit that sits close to your body's contours so that you can get the most out of every movement.

"The stretch is just perfect," Jack enthuses. "It means that you have a 360 range of motion for any activity. Whether you're running, playing a 5-a-side or in the gym, you won't feel held back by Gravity."


Allowing you to reach your utmost potential is the goal with any performance clothing, and designers poured over each element of the Gravity Track Top to ensure this - and then some.

Anyone wearing it will feel the difference.

Sleek, lightweight and form-fitting, its design is aerodynamic with an overall aesthetic defined by clean lines and a flattering silhouette.

Contrast two-tone rib to the underarm promises striking hits of colour with each step taken.

"We wanted to create something with a really cool and sleek look by focusing on the details. Drawcords are flat and elements are fused throughout," Jack explains. 

"You won't feel held back by Gravity." Jack Lamont, Senior Menswear Designer.

"It features a close fitting funnel neck with a zip guard, enhancing that modern feel."


The Gravity Bottoms are made from a slightly different fabric, allowing for that perfect stretch and flexibility.

Both track top and bottoms are tied together seamlessly with stunning matching colourways and two-tone contrast rib feature, this time to the back of the leg.

Fitting close and tapered to the calf with a secure hem, the Gravity Bottoms offer a flattering on-trend 'carrot' fit for an ideal balance of comfort, style and functionality.

Worn together, they make for an unbeatable pairing and all-rounder that meets the demands of any activity.

You want your workout clothes to feel weightless, and virtually non-detectable and this is where the Gravity Track Top and Bottoms deliver.

Be a force of nature in the Gravity Tracksuit; don't let anything hold you down.

Head over to Pinterest to preview the Gravity release.

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