Gymshark Paris | A Look Back...


Gymshark Paris | A Look Back...


On the 14th and 15th of October, we found ourselves opening the first ever Gymshark Paris pop-up store.

As always, we were nervous, excited, and ready to meet as many people as possible from the Gymshark family.

Well, Paris, you did not disappoint.

We opened our doors at 10am, and we were overwhelmed (in a good way, obviously), by the incredible turnout. 

From meeting the Gymshark athletes, to browsing the products, the pop-up store never once fell silent - and we loved every second. 

Our athletes spent the day meeting as many people as possible, and we were blown away by the love for them. 

From the moment the doors opened, your spirit, enthusiasm, love for Gymshark, and our athletes, was infectious. 

We are always blown away by the incredible response we receive worldwide from our Gymshark family, it is truly something so special, and for this, we cannot thank you enough.

From New York, to London, to Paris, we have spent time with people who inspire and push us forward; forever future conscious, forever with you in mind. 

Gymshark Paris was a truly special weekend, and we hope it will be something you will never forget, because we certainly won’t. Trust us.

Another weekend that will go down in Gymshark history.

If you want to get yourself up to speed, you can also relive our 5th birthday celebrations in London, at our first ever pop-up here

Now, where to next?


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