Gymshark Lift Online

Gymshark Lift Online


A Gymshark Event. But, Make It Online...

We can't come to Lift The City in your country right now, so we thought we'd Lift The Sofa in your living room instead.

This is your exclusive early bird pass to all things Lift Online

With athletes and a few special guests pulling together for a festival of live acts, Lift Online will unite us globally, with conditioning, community and WiFi connections.

Experience 3+ hours of feel-good content, live streamed across 4 virtual stages. With major names covering everything from live Q+As with special guests, to dance tutorials, beauty masterclasses and tips on how to maintain the gains during iso, we've brought the buzz of our IRL events, straight to the URL.

United By Conditioning, Community & Wifi Connections

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Want to know where, when and which acts are performing at Lift Online? Or, maybe you're wondering whether you actually need a ticket to tune in? 

Whatever your question, we promise you'll find the answers here... If somehow, we've missed your specific question off of the list, just drop us a message in the comments section below. We'd like it if the questions were event related, however, if you would like to know the meaning of life, we'll take a stab at it... 

Here it is, in all it's glory: The Lift Online Festival Line-Up.

Let us explain. Below, you'll find 4 images; each image represents 1 of the 4 stages that Lift Online will be live streamed on...



19:00 BST (60+ mins) | Live Roulette Q+A

A quick-fire Q+A game hosted by no other than the man himself, Steve Cook. Watch as your favourite Gymshark athletes AND special guests sweat under the pressure of the clock. With each guest only having a 5 minute slot, you might just want to check the timings below:

  • Steve Cook: LIVE at 18:55 BST
  • Whitney Simmons: LIVE at 19:00 BST
  • David Laid: LIVE at 19:05 BST 
  • Ryan Garcia: LIVE at 19:10 BST
  • Natacha Oceane: LIVE at 19:15 BST
  • Rob Kearney: LIVE at 19:20 BST
  • Nicole Scherzinger: LIVE at 19:25 BST
  • KK Twins: LIVE at 19:40
  • Buttery Bros: LIVE at 19:45
  • Hanna Öberg: LIVE at 19:50
  • Stefi Cohen: LIVE at 19:55
  • The Real Tarzann: LIVE at 20:00


You ask the questions. They provide the answers. It's as simple as that.

21:15 BST (30 mins) | MAINTAIN THE GAINS

So you spent the best part of 2019 building muscle, toning your physique and eating nothing but chicken and rice... it was all going to plan, until it wasn't.

  • Now, before you get yourself worked up about leaving iso looking like you've never set foot in a gym before, we'd like to point out that just because you don't have access to a fully equipped gym at the minute, doesn't mean that all your hard work has to go to waste.
  • Join Chris Bumstead, Devon Lévesque and Ross Edgley in a 30 minute IG Live as they talk you through their top tips on how you can "maintain the gains" during iso.


19:00 BST (45 mins) | Liane V

Trying to learn a TikTok dance by yourself is near impossible. Trust us, we've tried. But things get easier once they're broken down step-by-step...

  • Join Liane V LIVE on TikTok this Saturday where you can learn how to re-create some of TikTok's most famous dance routines.


21:00 BST (45+ mins) | Beauty Masterclass

Learn how to create a fresh summer glow from start to finish, with a step-by-step beauty masterclass from the one and only: Makeup by Ariel.

  • Not only will you be able to learn how to create the look, Ariel will also take you through the exact products that he'll be using! 
  • Now, we know that there's nothing worse than trying to remember if the beauty guru said that the foundation goes before the concealer, or the concealer before the foundation... luckily, we've got you covered. 
  • Head to the GS Women Instagram and screenshot our worksheet templates for you to fill out this Saturday!

Need Answers To Your Questions?

The Essentials

• Festival Dates:

  • Gymshark Lift Online will take place on Saturday 16th May, from 6pm BST, and will be live streamed on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.
  • If this schedule happens to clash with your hair washing routine, please don't panic... we've thought ahead. Our Instagram Live performances will be saved as story highlights, and our YouTube content will be kept on our account for the foreseeable.

There Are No Tickets

  • Entry to the Lift Online event is 100% free. There's no registration process, and there are no tickets.
  • Tune in from the comfort of your own sofa whilst dressed in your jammies, or, if you're feeling a little classy/boujie, why not opt for black tie... whichever tickles your fancy. We won't judge.

Directions: How To Watch The Performances

• Travel:

Personal Safety

• Fitness Levels:

  • Our workouts are not recommended, or suitable for anyone under the age of 18.
  • Please only participate in a workout if you are medically and physically fit, and able to do so.
  • If you have been advised by a qualified medical professional to not take part in physical activity, please refrain from joining the workout classes listed in the schedule above.
  • If you have any health related problems, conditions, or injuries which could impact you during the workout, please further refrain from taking part. 
  • If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or shortness of breath at any time whilst exercising, please stop immediately and seek medical advice. 

If you've been to a festival before, you'll know that being at the correct stage at the right time, requires impeccable planning. It's a detail orientated task. And, more often than not, it tends to sound a little something like this...

"We'll meet at 7pm; left of the speakers near the main stage, by that van that sells the curly fries." lol. 

Now, just because this is an online event, doesn't mean that we're going to take any chances with you guys getting lost. We don't want you to miss out.

To make sure you find your way to each stage with plenty of time to spare, please click on the channel you wish to visit below. (They're fancy images, so if you click the YouTube button, it'll take you straight to our YouTube account). *OoOHh*


The stages are set; the acts are waiting; the WiFi is connected.
Are you ready?



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