Gymshark Dublin | As It Happens Day 1

Gymshark Dublin | As It Happens Day 1



It's official.

We came home, we conquered, and now...well now it's time to delve into the next adventure. C'mere 'till I tell ya...

The Gymshark Dublin pop-up store is finally here.

So, if you're a bit of a chancer, if you feel like making history with the Gymshark Family - come and Lift The City with us, here at the RDS. 

Can't make it to the store? No problem.

As always, we're giving you an 'As It Happens' look inside.

Every moment. Every hug. Every hour.


The doors aren't open just yet, but we thought we'd go outside and meet the family...

How far have you travelled to be a part of the #LIFTDUBLIN event today?

Not too far actually, we're pretty local but we arrived at quarter past 6 this morning to be first in the queue!

That's dedication! So, is this your first Gymshark pop-up event?

We travelled from Dublin to the event in Birmingham a couple of months ago actually! We went to see David Laid but unfortunately, just missed him - we did get to see Lex though which was so cool!

Oh no! Well, you're in for a treat... both David and Lex have a deadlifting seminar this morning - are you in?

Oh, for sure!

We want to come back tomorrow and do a seminar with Steve Cook as well!

We like your way of thinking...

Thanks to: Tom, Dean, Ryan, Martin, Alex and Kuba!

Fancy being featured on Gymshark Central or Gymshark IG? We’ll be around all day, so be prepared - wave big and shout loud - we want to capture every. single. moment.

It's almost time...

Gymshark Dublin takes our digital experience to a whole new level in physical form, right here at the RDS. Convening your favourite athletes, your most-loved Gymshark pieces and the beats you won't stop dancing too...

Dublin, are you ready?


The doors are open!


Ever wondered how to perform the perfect deadlift? 

Well, today is that day. With a seminar from David and Lex on their go-to tips and tricks, this isn't something you want to miss out on. 

If you did happen to miss out - don't worry - they'll be back tomorrow between 13:00 - 14:00. No excuses.

Drop us a comment below if you managed to meet your favourite athlete!


Gymshark Family means everything to us, and apparently it does to you too...

Meet Emele...

So, my fitness journey began a few years ago - at the time I was suffering with anorexia but I shortly came across some of the amazing gymshark athletes like Whitney, Natacha and Carys' YouTube video's and they honestly changed my life.

I went to my first fitness expo alone - I saw everybody socialising and just how strong they all were and it really began to hit me. I left and I was just so inspired - I wanted to be like them and I wanted to make myself strong.

Anything outside of my eating disorder terrified me and that expo was the first time that I thought outside of that particular box.

At the beginning, I only went to the gym to do cardio - in a way, I saw it as an alternative way to fuel my eating disorder. I then went on to visit the Gymshark London pop-up...

...This is when I started up my Instagram. I met a few girls whilst I was at the event and they've since become my best-friends despite the fact they live in London. It honestly is a crazy story, but ever since there it's been onwards and upwards. 


Just as we were saying goodbye, something a little special happened...

Meet Brona...

Long story short - Brona started following Emele on Instagram a few years back having seen her inspirational story and transformation. Since that day, Brona has been a massive fan and you'll never guess what happened next...

Today, at #LIFTDUBLIN - Brona had the chance to meet Emele. A fan, of a fan, of a fan.

Gymshark bringing family together. What a community. 


What a crazy morning it's been! The store is filling up quickly, despite the short queue this morning...

We're here until 6PM so get yourself down to the RDS, right here, right now.

Remember, we're on Style Watch so dress to impress!

You know we love a little bit of competition.

Healthy competition. Obviously...

Pull-ups. Squats. Push-ups. You name it.

It's survival of the fittest, but believe us when we say, our athletes won't be taking it easy on you.

Romane Lanceford, Becca Sills, Sian Walton and Lauren Findley are challenging YOU.

Get down to the mats and prove yourself a worthy contender.

The BIG lads have arrived.

Team Kaobon meets SBG Charlestown. 

If you came to Dublin for a spar, trust us when we say, we'll deliver. 

Whether you're an experienced MMA fighter or a beginner looking for something a little different, head down to the mats and spar with Darren Till from 13:30-14:00 and Owen Roddy from 15:00-17:00.



It's fair to say that you guys have a lot of talent...

This morning has flown by and although we say it every time, the turnout has honestly been incredible. 

Dublin, you're one for the books and it's only Day 1. 

Don't miss the chance to grab that monumental selfie with your favourite athlete...

We asked you to give your all and you guys did not disappoint.

Giving Darren a hard roll, Darragh took no prisoners. Gorilla or not.


The man, the myth, the legend. 

Deciding that the TV Presenter life wasn't quite for him...Steve Cook is taking a different form of centre stage. 

If you missed his seminar on how to bench, BIG - we're sure both Ryan and Steve will talk you through it tomorrow...

We'll be here tomorrow from 10-5PM!

He came. He saw. He conquered. And you guys loved it.

Until next time Darren!

If you've got any pictures of the day so far, make sure to tag us on your IG posts and stories using the hashtag #LIFTDUBLIN.

Let us know below your favourite part of the day so far!


#LIFTDUBLIN – a bold, standout polaroid photo opportunity.

We like to think a picture is worth a thousand words so, make sure to head over to our photobooth and capture the moment.

The athletes are just as excited to meet you as you are them, so don't be shy!


Having watched the success of Till's seminar, the pressure was on for Owen Roddy...

All ages, all athletes and even a few staff members joined in for some motivational words and a little competitive fun.

The man himself will be back tomorrow; 14:00-16:00, so, if you're ready to train, if you're ready to grapple - you best head down to the RDS for Day 2 of Gymshark Dublin!

It's the first and last time that we'll ever tell you this...but, you should really start following the trend...

#LIFTDUBLIN is now trending on Twitter thanks to you! 

Fancy being on our big screen? Keep Tweeting us with the hashtag #LIFTDUBLIN - we want to know everything - who you met, how long you queued for, what you're planning on doing this evening... 

If you've got a photo from today that looks incredible - show us. We're nosy.


With just under an hour to go, the day is winding down but the excitement is still electric.

The energy today has been incredible and we can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

If you haven't got your hands on one already, be sure to pick up one of our exclusive We Lift The City Tees or Tanks this weekend! 

It's time to say goodbye...for now.


Day 1 is officially over.

Missed out on the Gymshark #LIFTDUBLIN takeover? 

Relive the experience and check what went down on Day One of the store right here. Oh, and we suggest you don’t miss tomorrow. It’s going to be good. Real good.


Be sure to check back tomorrow for Day 2 of As It Happens, here at Gymshark Central.

It's going to be big.


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