Gymshark Central look back on Women’s Health Live

Gymshark Central look back on Women’s Health Live


Body positivity, healthy living and mental and physical wellness were the order of the day at Women’s Health Live, the first Hearst Live health and wellness festival hosted by the publication. Bringing together the latest research and wellness trends, with live workouts hosted by some of your favourite trainers in the business, the event was packed with expert knowledge and top tips – all while empowering and inspiring women (and men!) to love their bodies with the launch of their Project Body Love campaign. 

If you missed it, don’t worry! Here are some of Gymshark Central’s highlights from the 3 days. 

Image: Claire Pepper / Raccoon London

A true, feel-good line up of motivational speakers and fitness classes was kickstarted with a talk on body positivity with Rochelle Humes and Georgia Toffolo, as they shared their journey to loving and respecting their bodies. This was a theme that ran throughout the weekend, with Bryony Gordon and Jada Sezer taking to the stage to share their top tips on training your mind to talk more compassionately about yourself and redefining expectations of what healthy should look like. 

The takeaway message was one of self-love and how we could all benefit from replacing the damaging language so many of us apply to ourselves with positive and nourishing thoughts to help cultivate a happier body and mind

Image: Claire Pepper / Raccoon London
Image: Claire Pepper / Raccoon London

The fun didn’t stop there. In an age where everyone with an Instagram account is a nutritionist, Doctor and personal trainer, the Science and Nutrition stage cut through the BS and shared the latest evidence-based information from some of the best minds in the industry. 

Busting through the noise of fake news and pseudo-experts, our favourite talks included a delve into gut health and understanding our microbiome and an exploration of what you really need to know about veganism. Day 2 saw the topic of self-love meet science with a discussion on science, speech and how we talk about ourselves and to others can impact our self-esteem and how to future-proof your mental health. 

If you were looking to get moving over the weekend, then there were plenty of classes for you to choose from, run by celebrity personal trainers and Olympians (yep, we’re not kidding!) alike. Whether you wanted to get a sweat on with a session from Alice Liveing and Jessica Ennis or work on your yoga flow with world-renowned yogi, Cat Meffan – there really was something for everyone! 

No matter what your experience or fitness levels, the event successfully encouraged exercise, movement and wellness for all.

Alternatively, if you wanted to start your weekend with a bit of downtime, then The Zen Den was the place for you. With seminars on everything from the healing power of crystals and chakra to moon musings and how to add positive rituals into your morning regime to help look after your mental health - the perfect way to give your mind some much-deserved ‘chill-out’ time.  

Full of women and men passionate about health and wellness, the festival was a demonstration of the power of self-determination, self-compassion and self-love. Packed full of insightful information and inspirational stories, Women’s Health Live was an excellent event teaching that what health and happiness look like is different for each and every person.

Gymshark Central approve. 

Did you go to Women’s Health Live? If so what was your favourite bit? If not, let us know in the comments down below what you would most like to have seen. 

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Images: Claire Pepper / Raccoon London


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