Gymshark Birthday | You're Invited

Gymshark Birthday | You're Invited


It’s our birthday! 

We are officially turning six years old (does this mean we're old now?).

Could someone please bake us a cake?


Of course, we want to celebrate with you (who else would we party with, right?). 

So, you’re invited to our birthday celebrations. 

On the 2nd of July at 3pm BST you'll find up to 50% off selected styles online, so we're certain you’ll find something you love.

Those Ark Jersey Leggings you've always wanted? Now is the time. 

That Fully Fused Pullover you love? Time to add it to your wardrobe. 

We could go on, but why not just check back on the 2nd of July at 3pm BST... 

We’ll see you then. It looks like you checked back! Just in time - the party has now started! Celebrate with us in birthday style right here!

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us…

The secrets out...we just couldn't help ourselves! 

We heard that you wanted to find out some of our favourite Gymshark Birthday picks, so...

Guys - you'll find everything right here! No more endless browsing.

Girls - we've got you covered too - find our top picks right here!

Remember, once something is gone, it's gone... 

So we suggest you don't think about it too much. 


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