Gymshark Birmingham | As It Happens Day 2


Gymshark Birmingham | As It Happens Day 2


Scroll down for our Meet The Staff and Day Two recap video! 

Day 1 of the Gymshark pop-up was surreal. We came, we conquered and today, we’re here to do it all again.

If you missed out yesterday, we’re here from 10AM-5PM today, so head down to Lower Trinity Street and be a part of the biggest Gymshark event to date.

The doors haven’t opened yet, but we decided to get a head start...


Let’s jump straight in, shall we?

Why not start with this incredible mother and daughter combo, who flew all the way from Florida to be here? Of course, we needed to find out more. 

Meet Faithe and her mom… 

So, how long have you been a fan of Gymshark?

I've loved Gymshark for about a year now…

And you’ve flown over specifically for this?

Yep! A ten hour plane ride with an eight hour stop over. We landed yesterday and managed to get some sleep so we could get here early...

That's dedication. And is mom a fan?

I’m trying!

Who have you come to see today?

I'm here to meet Carys, I'm so excited...

We also had a quick chat with the first people in the queue…

What time did you get here?

We've been here since 6AM!

Who are you here to see today?

Whitney, Nikki… Everyone! As many as possible...

Have you been a fan of Gymshark for long?

We've both been fans for probably about a year now…it’s really blown up in the past year!

And have you travelled far today?

We came from Scotland on a bus! It was about as good as ten hour bus journey can be, but totally worth it...

Thank you so much Charlotte and Fraser, have the best day!


The doors are open! Check out Faithe and her mom meeting Carys for the first time.


Fancy being featured on the big screen? Well, be sure to Tweet us with the hashtag #LIFTBRUM 

We want to know everything; how long you've queued for, who you're here to see, what you had for breakfast…we're nosey, let us know!

Be sure to look out for the Gymshark Central team! We want to hear all about your incredible stories!

Oh, and we’ll be on Style Watch, so dress to impress.


It's the one you've been waiting for - get ready to embrace the darkness.

This weekend only, we're giving you the first sneak peek and opportunity to shop the Onyx V3 before the rest of the world.

The evolution continues...

Feeling peckish?

We've got the guys from Pan-n-Ice serving delicious hand-crafted frozen treats all day. 

Trust us, their froyo rolls taste incredible, and if that doesn't convince you, it's been said that they're very instagrammable.


As any veteran of the queue will tell you, it’s a long arduous wait to get into the pop-up, but we do try our best to make it as entertaining as possible.

Yesterday, the athletes popped out to say hello.

This time, they've introduced a little bit of healthy competition.

Squats. Push ups. You name it.

It’s survival of the fittest – question is, who will win?

Get involved with a little motivation from your favourite athletes but be warned, they won't take it easy on you.

Obi Vincent, Elliot Burton and Justin St. Paul are challenging you. 

A £100 in-store gift card goes to anyone that can beat them to a pull-up bar challenge!

Yes, we're serious.

Get yourself down to the pull-up bar and prove yourself a worthy contender.


The morning has flown by and the turnout has been incredible. We hope you're loving it as much as we are! 

Don't miss the chance to high-five and hug your favourite athletes.

Or, if you don't fancy that, you could just kick some ass with Owen Roddy.

Don't believe us? Check this out...

@okay_katy was taking no prisoners today...
@chloe_judd was ready to kick Owen out the way to get in...
@chloe_judd was ready to kick Owen out the way to get in...

We’re here until five o’clock, do not miss out on the opportunity to experience this incredible store! 



If you hadn't already heard, the secret's out. You can shop Nikki B Season 2 for the last time ever. We mean it, this is it.

Oh, and check out two of our International Women’s Day girls experiencing the pop-up store, Chrissie and Alana!

You can read their stories right here

Christina and Alana with Courtney King.


Who caught Demi Bagby and Joe Fraser's insane moves? Tag us in your IG posts and stories and use the hashtag #LIFTBRUM.

Comment below your favourite part of today so far!

It's been a crazy day, but we managed to grab Mel to ask an all-important question.

We're in our hometown, so we thought it appropriate to ask...

What's your favourite thing about Birmingham?

So many things, but I'd have to say the people.

The mix of people, there's a really great mix of people here and everybody is so friendly.

Everyone I've met has been so nice and it makes me feel like I'm home.

Don't forget. Mel's here until 5PM - come say hi!


We know that you love a competition and guess what, it's that time of day again...

Day 1 at Gymshark #LIFTBRUM saw some of your favourite athlete’s signing ‘We Lift the City’ posters.

As it’s day 2 we thought we’d go one step further. We’ve managed to get ALL of the athlete’s attending #LIFTBRUM to sign a poster just for you.

Want to get your hands on it? Check out the competition on Facebook!

While you wait for the winner to be announced, come down and shop the collection before it's gone. 

We love dedication and these guys are no exception.

How far have you travelled to be a part of the #LIFTBRUM event today?

Not too far actually, we're from Winchester so around 2hrs - it's our first Gymshark pop-up!

No way! What made you want to come out today and visit?

We've always wanted to go to one of the event's, but they've always been so far away! I genuinely contemplated flying out to LA to take a holiday just to visit the pop-up. This morning, we were next to a girl in the queue who flew out from Florida - it's crazy!

Wait, you queued this morning?

Yeah! So, we came to see the first set of athletes this morning and now we're back again to see Whitney! It's dedication but, we've made friends with other fans in the queue along the way.

Oh, so you don't actually know each other?

No, we met this morning in the first queue and then here we are again. I think we now know each other for life.

So, where have the rest of you travelled from?

Eastbourne! We had a late-night shift at work yesterday, so we left at 2AM to get here. We contemplated having a power-nap this morning but then saw everyone queuing and thought it was better not to, haha! 

Special thanks to: Anastacia, Eva-Louise, Chloe, Molly, Erin and Mat showing us what it means to be a part of the Gymshark family.


You know the athletes, you’ve met the family, but what about the people behind the scenes?

Find out what it means to our staff to be a part of the #LIFTBRUM takeover.

It's times like these where as a company, it really begins to sink in how long some of you have been supporting us and following the Gymshark journey.

Bringing the original Luxe tracksuit to #LIFTBRUM, Elle and Luke managed to get all of the athletes to sign the hoodie that made us who we are today. An iconic piece of memorabilia if we ever did see it.


Well, the day is over.

But, you can relive the incredible moments in our Day Two recap video!

Check it out and see if we managed to spot you! 

So, we’re officially signing out from the Gymshark Birmingham pop-up store…

Birmingham, you have been incredible.

Much love from the Gymshark Family.

Oh, and thank you. So much.


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