Gymshark Birmingham | As It Happens


Gymshark Birmingham | As It Happens


Scroll down for the Meet The Fans and Day One video! 

The Gymshark Birmingham pop-up store is finally here. Keep up with exactly what's happening all weekend!


So, the time has come.

It’s officially the Gymshark Birmingham pop-up store.

Can’t make it to the store? No problem.

We’re giving you an ‘As It Happens’ look inside. 

Every moment. Every hug. Every hour.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Now then, if you think you are committed to Gymshark, check out these guys…

Where have you travelled from today?

“We came from Guildford! We’ve been here since 2AM…”

2AM!? That’s insane! Where did you stay?

“We actually stayed on the street…”

You slept on the street…?

Well, we didn’t really sleep much.

Who are you here to see today and how long have you been a fan of Gymshark?

Here to see David Laid and Steve Cook, and since the beginning!

Fancy being featured on Gymshark Central? We’ll be around all day, so be prepared! 

Thank you to, JJ, Cam, Matt and Brendan!


First in the queue, first through the door. The guys get ready to meet their favourite athletes and shop some exclusives.

If you're not here already, come join us!

Take home a #LIFTBRUM momento; get a free 'We Lift The City' poster with each purchase. Annabel and Katie had theirs signed by all their favourite athletes.

We're here until 6PM. So, no excuses.

But remember...we're on Style Watch, so dress for the occasion.


We told you we were coming home. We told you it was going to be big.

There's a lot going on. 

We've got our own DJ here all day keeping the energy high. You might even find yourself in a pull-up challenge with your favourite athlete.

Be sure to pick up one of our exclusive We Lift The City Tees or Tanks this weekend!


It's been a crazy morning! The store is filling up.

Feeling a little hungry whilst you wait? Don't panic, we've got you covered...

Here all weekend are freshly made burritos and wraps (vegan, veggie, you name it) and the best coffee you'll ever have from our favourite coffee guy Phil.

And if you entered our Second City Challenge, you may have been lucky enough to pick up your signed tee...

Vojtěch won big, landing himself a top prize, including an invite to our VIP event, an exclusive signed tee and a queue jump pass.

Some of our challenge winners...

Oh yeah...

And this guy just arrived, you may know him.


Steve Cook arriving at the Gymshark Birmingham pop-up store.
Steve Cook arriving at the Gymshark Birmingham pop-up store.


#LIFTBRUM – a bold, standout polaroid photo opportunity. What more could you want?

We like to think a picture is worth a thousand words so, make sure to head over to our photobooth to capture the moment.

Drop us a comment below if you met your favourite athlete!

Like we said: every moment, every hug.


We grabbed Second City Challnge winner Vojtěch for a few questions. 

What's been your favourite moment this weekend?

Ah, literally everything, it’s been incredible! But, if I had to narrow it down, it was definitely the VIP event last night.

What did you enjoy so much about the VIP Event?

We got to speak to all the athletes and to all of you behind the scenes which was surreal. You’re all like one massive family.

How far did you travel this weekend?

I go to the University of Worcester, so not too far at all! 

I’ve followed Gymshark for the past three years though! Winning the room at the Malmaison and seeing all the athletes in the lobby when I woke up this morning was out of this world. 

I was shaking!


Without you, Gymshark would not be possible.

We decided to find out just how much you love Gymshark, and why.

So, here it is, straight from the people who made their way to our biggest pop-up store to date.

We cannot thank you enough.

The Gymshark family. 


The athletes are just as excited to meet you as you are them, so don't be shy!

With two hours to go, you've still got time so don't miss out! If you can't make today, we'll be back tomorrow 10AM-5PM.

Don't be afraid to say hello, they're an alright bunch.


The day's winding down, but the excitement isn't. 

The energy today has been incredible, we can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

With just an hour to go until Day 1 ends, you're running out of time to shop those Birmingham exclusives and pre-releases!


Day One is officially done.

Want to know what went down? Check out this video to see more!

We suggest you don’t miss tomorrow. 

It’s going to be big

Comment below what your favourite part of the day was!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Day Two of As It Happens, here at Gymshark Central! 


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