#Gymshark66 | FAQs

#Gymshark66 | FAQs



At the beginning of 2020, we told you that #Gymshark66 had the power to change your life. We stand by this. 

66 days went by.

We tracked your progress, we followed your journey, and we learnt that #Gymshark66 symbolises so much more than just personal growth and development. 

Our winners this year, showed us how impactful changing your life can be; demonstrating that no matter what - past the highs, lows and challenges - you can always achieve your goals, regardless of what they might be. What they don't know, is that they've also helped to change the lives the others.

It's been pretty freakin' awesome.

Without Further Ado...

Show them some love, because they truly deserve it... 

The #Gymshark66 Winners of 2020:

. . . 

Bradley Macro@bradleymacro

For Bradley, #Gymshark66 was the push he needed to "get moving and finally make a lasting change". But, for what may unanimously be seen as an individual challenge, there were thousands of you out there - not knowing who Bradley was - supporting him and his journey the entire way. 

His pledge was tackled by not only himself, but by the supportive community that surrounded him.

On January 5th 2020, Bradley pledged three things:

  • So I can smile again when I look at myself in the mirror.
  • To form a new habit that stops me from eating my feelings.
  • Carve a healthier body and lifestyle so that I can crush my fear of not being around to watch my daughter grow.

The result? Well, we'll let you figure that one out for yourself - take a look through Bradley's #Gymshark66 journey here.

. . . 

Malika Renay@loved_not_spoiled

Sometimes, it's about finding a healthy balance. 

Malika is a PICU Nurse (paediatric intensive care unit) - a vocation that is demanding, not only on her physically, but mentally too. Her shifts are long, and her nights late. But, throughout the duration of the challenge, and alongside her demanding 9-5, she lost 10lbs, maintained a sustainable training regime, and overcame her fear of weight training. 

On January 5th 2020, Malika pledged the following

  • To be consistent in all aspects of life.
  • To become vegan.
  • To begin strength training and weight lifting.
  • To lose body fat and gain muscle.

"2019 was one of the best years of my life but all the hype made me lose track of my health and wellness goals. After I graduated nursing school and started my new job I came to a place where I felt stuck. 

"Hitting such a great milestone in my life I began to wonder what’s my next. I was very inconsistent in my gym regimen and I was also making pretty poor diet decisions. This resulted in a change in my physique that I am not proud of and I became discouraged and unmotivated. But now I’m taking the pledge and I am determined to bounce back and be as lean and as healthy as possible. 

"I am so excited to start the Gymshark66 challenge. I promise in March I will look and feel like myself again." <- we're pretty sure you nailed that, Malika! Take a look through Malika's #Gymshark66 journey here!

. . . 

Our 15 Great Achievers

Daniel Bui | Eva Prosen | Martina Vladisavljević | Leanne Stephen | Kayleigh Price | Jennifer-Lauren Malcom | Isobel Hardcastle | Vanessa Hernandez | Ryan Mulcahy | Shaazia Mukadam | Jaycee Reeves | Karina Patiño | Caitlin Brown | Diah Rasid | Carolyn Kimery

#Gymshark66 has only just begun... for those of you who happened to come across this by chance, take a read below and find out what the #Gymshark66 challenge is all about.





What better way to explain what #Gymshark66 is; its importance and its values, than the people who truly embody all that the challenge stands for?


We know it's tedious, but if you find yourself sat on the tube staring aimlessly out of the window, or you know, you just happen to have five minutes spare please, please take some time to read through our #Gymshark66 T+Cs.
It'll be worth it... promise. (Honestly, you can find out what the prizes are *gasp*).

*Gymshark 66 comprises of various competitions for you to get involved in. All Gymshark 66 competitions are subject to our terms and conditions which can be found here!*

PLEASE NOTE: all dates and times have been written in an English format.

. . . 

Can I Still Take Part In Gymshark 66 If I Miss The Entry Date?

Absolutely! Gymshark 66 is about more than just winning, it's about changing your life by forming positive habits that will last a lifetime.

So, if you do happen to miss the entry dates (01/01/20 GMT - 06/01/20 GMT), although you won't be in with a chance to win the overall prize, it's never too late to get involved. This goes for both the main challenge, and also the weekly challenges... scroll down to find what this weeks is below!

Join the ever-growing, worldwide community committed to change, and start a new journey.

#GYMSHARK66 2020 Challenge: Week 9


This week's winner is...

Jessica, from PDX, Oregan! Congratulations!!

In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind.

Take time to show appreciation to those around you and use this challenge to make a difference in someone’s day. 

Can you reward someone for their hard work? Can you make a conscious effort to be selfless? Is there a charity you can donate too? 

Remember to tag us with the following: @Gymshark | #Gymshark 66 and use this weeks hashtag: #ShowKindness66

Starting Times: Monday 2nd March 2020 | 15:00 GMT
Closing Times:
 Friday 6th March 2020 | 10:00 GMT

Are you ready? Winners will be announced on Gymshark Central: 6th March by 3PM GMT. 

What Is Gymshark 66?

Gymshark 66 is the 66 day event where together, we challenge you to change your life by forming positive habits that will last a lifetime. Whether those habits are for your mind, your body or your soul, Gymshark 66 celebrates every goal and every step made towards it. 

Over the past two years, Gymshark 66 has been the catalyst to help thousands of people develop a healthy lifestyle, begin a fitness journey and smash their New Year goals.

This event is not all about fitness challenges and physical changes - you could be looking for workout motivation to build muscle, become a healthier weight, or train for a triathlon. Or, it could be a different kind of healthy lifestyle challenge, like taking time to meditate, making more nutritious meals or simply taking time to form healthy habits. Whatever your personal challenge, now is the time to commit to it with Gymshark 66.

When Does Gymshark 66 Start / When Does Gymshark 66 End?

Gymshark 66 2020 will start on the 1st of January at 00:00 GMT, and will come to an end, on the 6th of March at 23:59 GMT.

Click below to find out what time #Gymshark66 starts and ends in your country! (Just add your country of residence on the right-hand side to find the equivalent start/end time). If you're still unsure, just drop us a reply in the comments section below - we'll help you out!

January 1st: Start Time
March 6th: End Time

How Do I Enter Gymshark 66?

Entry is simple, find your reasons not to, and turn them into your reasons why...

  1. Download your free pledge card(s) from the #Gymshark66 hub here. (You'll need two - one for your first image/entry, and one for your final image/entry). If you're unable to print off your pledge card, please feel free to make your own - we've outlined what you'll need to include in the question below!
  2. On your pledge card, write down the habit/goal that you want to achieve during the 66 days.
  3. You have from the 1st of January, 00:00 GMT, until the 6th January 23:59 GMT to upload a photo to Instagram, Twitter or the Gymshark Facebook Community Group of yourself holding your pledge card. Be sure to tag @Gymshark / #Gymshark66 on your post, and include proof of date on your pledge card (i.e. 01/01/20). This is your entry.
  4. During the Gymshark 66 Challenge, you must post a minimum of 2 times per week, on the main feed of your chosen social media account to demonstrate what you are doing to achieve your pledge. This can be through workout videos or progress pictures - just don't forget to tag us with @Gymshark / #Gymshark66.
  5. On the 6th of March (06/03/20), you must upload your final Gymshark 66 photo of yourself holding your pledge card by 23:59 GMT. Again, be sure to include proof of date (06/03/20) and tag us with @Gymshark / #Gymshark66. This photo commemorates the end of your journey.


Hold tight! Once you've signed up, and registered for your pledge card via the #Gymshark66 hub, it could take up to an hour for your email with your pledge card/calendar to come through!

If you still haven't received your pledge card, or are unable to download it from your email, please feel free to save the below image! If you're on your phone, all you need to do is hold the image down and click 'Save' or 'Add to Photos".


Yes! Similarly to last year, we'll be sharing a variety of challenges to help keep you motivated and on-track throughout the duration of #Gymshark66. 

These will be uploaded weekly to Gymshark Central, right at the very top of this article so make sure to keep checking back! January 6th, 3PM GMT will show the first challenge!

Oh, and did we mention that there would be prizes? Keep scrolling, go on.

I Don't Have A Printer To Print Off The Gymshark 66 Pledge Card, Can I Still Take Part?

Of course!

If you're unable to print off the Gymshark 66 pledge card, feel free to make your own! Just please ensure that you include the following so that your entry is valid:

  • @Gymshark and #Gymshark66 
  • Your entry date, (this must be between the following dates: 1st January 2020 [00:00 GMT] - 6th January 2020 - [23:59 GMT])
  • Your pledge - the goal/habit that you wish to create during the 66 days

This year, we wanted to give you something tangible, something about Gymshark 66 that you could physically grasp, personalise and doodle on. Not having a printer, should NOT act as your excuse for skipping out on Gymshark 66. 

Get creative! Use post-it notes, write your pledge on an old t-shirt or simply rip a page out of a notebook - however you do it, tell us your reasons why and form a positive habit that will last a lifetime with Gymshark 66. 

What Are The Entry Dates For Gymshark 66?

To be eligible to win Gymshark 66 (it is a challenge after all - keep reading for what you could win), you must upload your entry image between January 1st 00:00 GMT and January 6th 23:59 GMT. This image must be of yourself holding your pledge card.

Your last Gymshark 66 image must be uploaded on the 6th March, before 23:59 GMT. This image must be of yourself holding your second pledge card! We'll be checking the dates, so no cheating!

If you upload your entry photo before January 1st 00:00 GMT, or after January 6th 23:59 GMT, your entry will not be valid. Similarly, if you upload your last Gymshark 66 image after March 6th 23:59 GMT, your entry will not be counted. 

Just to be on the side of caution, we'd recommend putting a few - maybe 3, or 4 - reminders in your calendar!

Is There An Age Restriction On Entering?

Yes! We've said it before and we'll say it again, Gymshark 66 is for everybody, everywhere, but this year for legal reasons you must be 18+ to take part in #Gymshark66.

Remember, this isn't all about fitness challenges and physical changes - take some time to find out what you want to achieve during these 66 days. Is it taking time to reflect through meditation? Could it be that you want to reach a new PB?

Whatever your personal challenge, now is the time to commit to it with Gymshark 66.

How Do I Pick A Goal / Do You Need To Have A Goal To Take Part In Gymshark 66?

We encourage everyone participating in #Gymshark66 to have a goal to work towards - whether it's improving your overall wellbeing, increasing your physical fitness, or simply becoming more creative, your goal should be something personable to you. Please don't feel pressured by what you see on social media - do what's best for you!

Take the time before #Gymshark66 begins to experiment with what you enjoy and what will give you the motivation to continue. The gym isn't for everyone, so trial some new classes, and find something that you truly care about.

The first step when picking your goal, is deciding what exactly you want to achieve/gain from your journey. Remember, this doesn't have to be physical.

The second is creating a plan of action. Now that you've got your north star - the one big goal that you'll strive to achieve - you'll need to break it down into smaller, more tangible steps. Think of it like stepping stones: by week one, I want to achieve *insert baby step*, by week six, I want to achieve *insert bigger, baby step*.

After setting your goals, patience and perseverance are key to success. Be patient with yourself and your body, start steady to avoid injury and enjoy what you choose to do!

Does My Entry To Gymshark 66 Have To Be A Picture Of Myself?

Yes! We're not stalkers, we promise... but your Gymshark 66 entry image does have to be of yourself holding your pledge card. 

Whether it's a selfie, or you've managed to coax somebody into taking a picture of you; show us who you are and what achieving your goal in 66 days would mean to you.

Do I have to be wearing Gymshark to enter Gymshark 66, or can I wear other brands?

Put simply, no. Regardless of this being a Gymshark challenge, we totally understand that not everybody wanting to participate in Gymshark 66 will own Gymshark clothing and, dependant on your goal, gym wear might not actually be the most suitable attire... 

Camo Seamless whilst training to swim a PB? Best not.

So no, we won't be offended if you're not wearing Gymshark. Wear what you feel comfortable in, and if it happens to be Gymshark... well that's just an added bonus. 

Do I Have To Upload To Social Media To Take Part in Gymshark 66, And If So, What Channels?

Yes! To take part and ensure that your entry to Gymshark 66 is valid, you'll need to upload your entry image, your final image and 2 images, per week documenting your journey to one of the following social media channels:

Although we'd love for you to share your challenge on every social media platform possible, posting on just one allows us to track and document your entire journey that little bit easier. This means that more of your posts will be seen by the ever-important #Gymshark66 Social Media Team.

What Do I Do If I Start To Lack Motivation During Gymshark 66?

Trying to do anything consecutively for 66 days is no easy task; your mindset and the strength of your determination will undoubtedly be put to the test. On the days you don't want to continue, remember: although you are doing this for yourself, you are not alone.

Through these 66 days, we pledge to help turn your losses into learnings so, if you're feeling a little under the weather or are in need of some motivation during your Gymshark 66 challenge, we'd recommend trying at least one of the following:

  • Gymshark Spotify -> for the days when you just can't find the right song to work out, or mediate to - we've got your back.
  • The #Gymshark66 Hashtag -> sometimes it helps to see what other people have been getting up to during their 66 days - try searching #Gymshark66 on social media for some inspiration.
  • The Gymshark Community Facebook Page -> here, you'll find the community committed to change. There'll be tips shared, progress shown and motivation given, there's no place like it, truly.
  • The Gymshark App -> tired of your current workout? Mix things up a little with the Gymshark Conditioning App, and follow one of our Athlete's training programmes!

What Happens If I Don't Reach My Goal By The End Of The 66 Days?

It doesn't matter.

This challenge isn't about success or materialistic trophies, it's about the journey that you've undertook; the changes that you've made and every small step taken to get you to this specific moment.

If you challenge yourself to change, you've already won.

How Do I Win Gymshark 66 / What Is The Winning Criteria?

If you challenge yourself to change, you're already a winner to us - but we will pick a few people who truly embody all that #Gymshark66 is about to win the ultimate prize, plus a few little goodies. The criteria is as follows:

  • Show a little creative flare and originality in your social media posts.
  • You must have genuinely formed a positive habit or changed your life in a positive way (remember, this doesn't have to be a physical change).
  • You must have demonstrated that no matter what (past the highs, lows, challenges or otherwise), you can always achieve your goals regardless of what they may be.
  • Helped to inspire and motivate others to take on new positive challenges.

If This Is A Challenge, Are There Prizes?

Indeed there are... prizes for Gymshark 66 2020, have been split into three categories. Please see our Gymshark 66 T+Cs for specific prize details.

1: Winners of #Gymshark66 (2 people):

  • A trip to a Gymshark event 
  • One Gymshark set per month, for a year
  • A smart watch or fitness tracker
  • Premium subscription to the Gymshark Conditioning App for 1 year
  • A personalised Gymshark Lifting Belt
  • A personalised Gymshark t-shirt

2. Great Achievers (15 people):

  • Personalised Gymshark t-shirt
  • £250 Gymshark Gift Card

3. Weekly Challenge Winners (9 people):

  • £100 Gymshark Gift Card

When Are The Winners For Gymshark 66 Announced?

The Two #Gymshark66 Winners:
The two winners for #Gymshark66 will be notified via direct message to their social media account shortly following the closing times (these can be found in our #Gymshark T+Cs here!), and announced on Gymshark's social platforms: Gymshark Central, Instagram, Twitter and our Facebook Community Page on Friday, March 13th! Keep an eye out!

The Fifteen #Gymshark66 Great Achievers:
The fifteen Great Achievers for #Gymshark66 will be notified via direct message to their social media account shortly following the closing times (these can be found in our #Gymshark T+Cs here!), and announced here, on Gymshark Central on Friday, March 13th! Keep an eye out!

The #Gymshark66 Weekly Challenge Winners:
Winners for the #Gymshark66 weekly challenges will be notified via direct message to their social media account shortly following the closing times (these can be found in our #Gymshark T+Cs here!), and announced here, on Gymshark Central each Friday, by 15:00 GMT.







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