Gymshark 66 | Our Winner For 2018


Gymshark 66 | Our Winner For 2018


It's been gruelling. 

You’ve dedicated yourself. 

You've pushed yourself. 

But, you’ve made it.

#Gymshark66 is officially over

But remember - it doesn’t and shouldn't end here. Keep working hard and pushing yourself to be the best that you can possibly be.

So, on to the big announcement.

We are here today for the winner of #Gymshark66.

This person has pushed themselves to the very limit. 

They have smashed targets and reached goals.

Not only that, their general outlook toward the challenge has been positive, inspiring, and incredibly poignant.

They looked beyond the challenge. 

They have looked at what they have gained, what they have overcome, and... where they are going from here. 

The winner is...

Sade Pramberger

Your incredible mind-set, positive outlook, and unbelievable dedication to the challenge left us in awe.

You are truly the epitome of what #Gymshark66 was all about.

Check out Sade’s progress and journey via her Instagram, right here!

We want to thank each and every person for taking part in this challenge. It has been truly inspiring to see your incredible journey's. 

We'd like to leave you with some words written by our very own #Gymshark66 winner, Sade... 

"Loving the skin I’m in each and every day. The female body is a beautiful thing in every shape, size, and skin tone. You were made to do wonderful things in this life, and your body is helping you get there very step of the way."

Remember, this isn't the end.

It is just the beginning. 


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