Gymshark 10-Year Challenge

Gymshark 10-Year Challenge



That’s ten years ago.

That’s a pretty long time.

In fact, a lot can change in ten years.

Apart from J-Lo… we’re pretty sure she doesn’t age.

Anyway, as the ten year challenge is currently clogging up our News Feed and Instagram stories, we figured it was time to showcase some of the fabulous changes we have seen from our athletes.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Whitney Simmons 

Here we have Whitney Simmons; Gymshark athlete, chicken nugget mama, and sarcasm enthusiast.

Below is Whitney’s ten year transformation picture. As you can see, Whitney went for the classic 2009 tongue out, heavy eyeliner, and side fringe, complete with her hood up. 


Nikki Blackketter 

Next up is Nikki Blackketter; mama to Maximus the cat, lover of pineapples and currently rocking pink hair.

And below, Nikki ten years ago. We can see Nikki has unfortunately misplaced her shirt, her hair is not blonde (obviously), and she appears to be missing a tooth, when in actual fact, it’s just a unfortunate placing of her tongue. 


Oh and please don't panic, Nikki found her top in the end. 

Steve Cook 

Steve Cook; Papa to Hobbes, fitness enthusiast (obviously), and lover of the shorts/leggings combo.

Below, Steve Cook ten years ago. As we can see, Steve has gone for the general ‘douche look’ (his words, not ours), sporting those ‘too big for his face’ glasses, Monster cap, and slightly gormless expression.

How beautiful. 

Have you taken part in the 10 year challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

Oh, and we think you all look beautiful no matter what, we’re just having a bit of fun… 

Even you, Steve. 


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