Go Nuts For This Peanut Butter Protein Bar Recipe

Go Nuts For This Peanut Butter Protein Bar Recipe


You're reading this because you love peanut butter, right?...

Good, then this super easy high-protein, no-bake recipe is for you. These Peanut Butter Protein bars will take next to no time to make and they're great for if you're on the go, or fancy a quick protein fix straight from the fridge.

Packing 12g of protein in each bar along with 8g of carbs and 9g fats, these bars are as good as anything you can grab off the shelf, so enjoy the satisfaction of making them in your own home and save on the ever-inflating costs of protein bars.

Enough of the chat, here's how to make super tasty no-bake Peanut Butter Protein Bars in less than 30minutes, start to finish!

Peanut Butter Protein Bars


1 Cup Smooth Peanut Butter (220g)

1/4 Cup Liquid Sweetener (50g) - honey or maple syrup works best

1/2 Cup oat Flour (60g)

3 Scoops Vanilla Whey Protein Powder (90g)

1/2 Cup Dark Chocolate Chips


1. In a large bowl whisk together the peanut butter and liquid sweetener of choice.

2. Mix in the protein powder and oat flour until it combines into a dough.

3. Line an 8x8 inch baking pan with baking paper or glad wrap.

Put batter into a pan and flatten evenly with hands so it fills the entire pan.

4. Place in freezer for 20 mins.

5. Meanwhile, melt the dark chocolate chips in the microwave on low heat. Remove mixture from the freezer and cut into 12 bars.

6. Drizzle the melted chocolate over the bars and add chopped peanuts if desired. Store in an airtight container.

TIP: These are best enjoyed straight from the fridge. If you prefer them for an on-the-go snack, roll them into balls to keep their shape better whilst you're on the move!

Give this recipe a go and let us know how you get on. 

Recipe from Amy Lee, Follow her on Instagram orwww.amyleeactive.com

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