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Fuelled By Fear | Amberlft


“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.” Steven Pressfield. 

If you're reading this, you have experienced resistance. It is within every one of us and is our biggest enemy.

Think of your biggest dream in life then think of every reason why you are not making steps towards achieving this dream. There is not one reason why you cannot strive towards your dream, yet we come up with large lists of why we think we cannot do so. 

Whether you dream of becoming a bodybuilder, world renown poet, or CEO of a company you wish to create, if you truly want it you CAN go forward with it. So, why doesn't everyone follow the dreams they have envisioned for themselves? How is it that each night we lay in bed thinking about achieving our biggest dream in life, only to be awakened the next day and not take a single step toward that goal? 

There is only one reason and it is Resistance- it is what stops us right in our tracks, makes us settle for less and not live up to our full potential in life. It is what stops us moving forward with our dreams and is the same power that convinces us we have time to do other things before or instead of our dream, and that it can be achieved the next day, and if not that day, the day after, and after, and after. It is fueled by fear and accompanied by procrastination. It kills our ambition, ruins our ability of living a fulfilled life, and will never stop unless we tackle it.

So how do we tackle it?

Firstly, we must acknowledge it is there. Acknowledge you have fear and that it is the only thing preventing you from moving forward in pursuing your goals. The reason you are not achieving your goals is not because you don't have enough time, money, and capability; you are not achieving your goals because you are scared of failure. 

Secondly, we must acknowledge why we have this fear. 

Thirdly, we need to take this fear and let it fuel us, instead of allowing it to stop you. 

When I was a freshman in college, I was severely underweight. I wasn’t happy with the body I had and wanted to transform my body to the best of my ability. After having this dream, for months I would come up with any excuse not to go to the gym that day. I would tell myself I’d start my fitness journey next week and when that week came, I’d tell myself the same thing the week after that. 

I let resistance get the best of me.

Until one day, I had enough, and acknowledged the reason why I wasn't going in the first place was because I was scared of failing. I knew I could transform my body and I knew I had the willpower to do so. So instead of allowing my fear to stop me, I let it be a clarification in itself that transforming my body was something I could do. It was such a strong indicator and driving point that I worked hard and was able to achieve my fitness goals. After seeing how far I had come, I realised this pertained to everything in my life and from that day forward, I have never let the fear of failure get the best of me. Instead, I have let it drive myself in everything I wish to become. 

To sum everything up, we all live with fear, but it is our choice how to handle it. You can go two different paths in life, you can let the fear of failure stop you from attempting your passions, or you can let fear drive yourself to obtaining them. Life is too valuable to not pursue your dreams, so don't ever think it is something you cannot do.  

And, if you are reading this and are already achieving your dreams in life, you have successfully tackled resistance and I hope this can help those still struggling with such a powerful dream crusher. 

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