For Your Rest Day | This Weeks Must-See Movies

For Your Rest Day | This Weeks Must-See Movies


If you have some free time this week, I suggest you make your way to the cinema, because... 

You may want to see the film that has secured the record for the biggest October opening in cinema history AND the film receiving unbelievable reviews... 


Journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) finds himself left with superhuman strength and power when his body is merged with the alien, Venom. 

Despite poor critical reviews (check out reviews here), Venom has surpassed expectations by opening at $80 Million USD in the United States. 

All I will say is, don’t let the reviews put you off, give it a go and you may end up loving it (just like Eddie Brock loves his newly found power and alien alter-ego).

A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born follows Jackson Maine, a talented and established musician, who meets - and immediately falls in love with - Ally, a struggling artist. 

The film touches on alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health and the idea of being ‘just not good enough’. 

I won’t lie to you all, I went to see this film after two glasses of wine and a whole bunch of Italian food - let’s just say I was feeling emotional.

It’s a beautiful film and surpassed my expectations. Check out the reviews here

First Man 

Following the incredible story of Neil Armstrong and one of the most dangerous missions in history, First Man explores the unbelievable journey of landing a man on the moon.

The film releases this Friday and has already received awesome reviews along with some Oscar buzz…

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