For Your Rest Day | Horror Movies For People Who Hate Horror Movies

For Your Rest Day | Horror Movies For People Who Hate Horror Movies


For those days when you're not in the gym, (we know you don't always go, it's fiiine...) we're giving you your rest day watches, so you don't even have to think about it (or endlessly scroll for hours deciding). 

I hate horror movies.

The first horror movie to really scare me was House Of Wax (the Paris Hilton version, you know, where she gets impaled by a metal pole), and honestly, it scared me so much I pretended to have a headache so that I could sleep in my mom's bed.


I decided to compile a ‘horror movies for people who hate horror movies' list, for those of you who don't want a panic attack.  

The Haunting

I watched this movie at around nine years old at a sleepover.

In all honesty, it's freakin' hilarious.

The general idea is that a group of people who can't sleep, participate in a sleeping experiment to try and help them sleep (let's say sleep one more time). When in reality, the guy who organised the experiment wants to get them all in a haunted house and study their fear. 

A whole bunch of stuff goes on, and there is the most hilarious scene involving a bed and some naked angel baby carvings. 

I told my dad about this film and he was genuinely surprised it wasn't scary - apparently the original was seriously freaky. 

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

A little girl is sent to live with her father and new girlfriend (Katie Holmes) in a big ol' creepy ass house.

Some creatures who live in the basement are accidentally unleashed and... I mean, there really isn't much else to it.

The film is visually quite pretty and there are a few jumpy moments, but other than that it is a little, "Oh no, don't go down into the basement!"

House Of Wax

Yes, yes, I know I said it scared me… 

I was like 12, let it go.

Anyway, this film is a remake with Paris Hilton and honestly, it's kinda gross even though it's not very serious. 

A group of people end up in a town with a weirdly realistic wax museum and, shock horror; it's because the wax people were once real people.

There's lots of screaming, running, college kids drinking, shirts ripping, squeamish moments.

I won't lie, it does make me feel a little ill thinking about it.

Watch the trailer below! 

A Quiet Place

Let me start by saying, this is NOT a bad movie.

I absolutely loved this film.

Basically, a family is forced to live in silence in a post-apocalyptic world whilst hiding from monsters with excellent hearing. 

It sounds very basic, but honestly, I was scared to open my chocolate at the cinema because it was so quiet. 

Also, this film has a beautiful storyline beneath the whole monster's thing and it actually made me cry. 

Yes, a horror movie made me cry. 

Watch the trailer below! 

It (2017)

I went to see ‘It' (haha, punny) at the cinema and I'm pretty sure I jumped so hard I hit one of my friends in the face. 

The film is based on the Stephen King novel (great book) and follows a group of bullied kids who each encounter the entity ‘Pennywise the dancing clown' in a different way.

His voice is possibly the freakiest thing I have ever heard, and I did run to my front door once I got home in case he appeared in a sewer outside my house (I don't even have a sewer outside my house). 

I've heard the original is just as good, so if you fancy a horror movie clown binge (never thought I'd write that sentence), these films are for you. 

Unfortunately, this is it for my list of ‘not horror movies', and I sincerely hope you don't exceed your average resting heart rate whilst watching. 

Do you have any to add to the list? Drop a comment below! 



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