For Your Rest Day |  Fifa 19 Is Here: 4 Things You Need To Know

For Your Rest Day | Fifa 19 Is Here: 4 Things You Need To Know


The true test of any relationship. The eagerly awaited release of FIFA 19 is finally upon us, confirming that darker nights and cold winter days are right around the corner.

Some, more organised than others, will have been waiting for their shiny new pre-orders to land safely on their doorsteps throughout the day. Others will have rushed to their local 24-hour superstores to grab a copy, playing late into the night to get their FIFA 19 fix. 

So, what is it exactly that makes this year's anticipated release better than its forerunners?

Image: EA Sports
Image: EA Sports

New Leagues

UEFA Champions League is finally featuring on our favourite football game, including the anthem, logo and even the commentary team, allowing players to play their very own Champions League Campaign.

UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup also feature in this years awaited FIFA release.

House rules

A hugely anticipated addition to FIFA 19, house rules allows the player to modify 'kick-off' rule sets with those of their own choosing, making games against friends all that more exciting. Some of the new modes in 'House Rules' include Headers & Volleys, Survival and No Rules

Image: EA Sports
Image: EA Sports

New Gameplay

Several new additions to the gameplay this year include Timed Finishing, First Touch Passing and Active touch - all designed to add another level of realism to the FIFA experience.

Image: EA Sports
Image: EA Sports

New Stadiums

There are several new stadium additions to this years release, most notably being that of Tottenham's new White Hart Lane, of which the real-life stadium build hasn't even been completed yet...

The new Premier League teams; Wolverhampton Wanderers, Fulham & Cardiff City have all had their stadiums added to this years game too.

Already picked up a copy? Let us know your thoughts about FIFA 19 below...

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