Flex On Em | Billboards


Flex On Em | Billboards


We have a task for you…

As you will see, there is a map below.

On this map, the Gymshark logos state where you may see a few special billboards.

Specifically, billboards relating to our fast-approaching release of the Flex Family.

We would love (if you fancy the challenge), finding these billboards and taking a selfie.

Whether it’s with your dog, your family, your best friend, or even in your Flex (we would LOVE that), be sure to tag us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. 

Use the Hashtag #FlexOnEm

We can’t wait to see them! 


M4 Tower

West Hill Tower

East Hill Tower

W8 Western Ave Tower (inbound)

Birmingham Tower

Marylebone Tower


Liverpool St

St Pancras


Manchester Piccadilly




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