Five Years Of Memories | Gymshark


Five Years Of Memories | Gymshark


Gymshark is celebrating its 5th birthday, and we are beginning to feel nostalgic. 

Throughout these five years, we have created some incredible memories, and we could not have done it without the support of our Gymshark family. 

We decided to take a trip down memory lane. Fancy joining us? 

Gymshark World Tour

The Gymshark World Tour was an experience we will never forget. 

The Gymshark World Tour allowed us to meet people from all walks of life. We stepped out from under the florescent lights, and in to the real world.

It provided a platform in which we could meet anyone, and everyone. We heard your incredible stories, and we spent time with you. No time limits. No queues. No tickets needed. Just you, the athletes, and maybe some good weather (if we were lucky.)

The World Tour gave us an insight in to how big the Gymshark family truly is, and we were incredibly humbled by the turnout within each city. 

"You can’t expect to change the world, without stepping out in to it." Ben Francis (Gymshark World Tour)

BodyPower is where it all began. 

The first Expo we attended, and the last. It will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

Gymshark first attended BodyPower in 2013. 

BodyPower gave us the opportunity to meet so many people from the Gymshark community, and throughout the years, we were able to witness the growth of this amazing family. 

The clothes may have developed, the stand may have grown, but the family orientated environment stayed the same, and we would not have it any other way. 

BodyPower (2017)

The New York pop-up shop was an entirely new experience for Gymshark, and we could not have predicted the outcome. 

The Nikki Blackketter x Gymshark collection was highly anticipated, and it did not disappoint. Designed to enhance a woman’s feminine features, whilst still being functional, it was an instant hit. 

Where do you display such an awesome collection? New York, of course.

With a queue wrapping around the entire block, we were left in awe by the response we received from our New York family, it was a moment that left us humbled and truly appreciative of the incredible support shown. 

The New York pop-up shop exceeded all expectations, and only gave you a small glimpse of what is to come…

Nikki Blackketter x Gymshark (New York)
Nikki Blackketter x Gymshark (New York)

On behalf of Gymshark, we want to thank you.

Without your support, Gymshark would not be what it is today. We remain as future conscious as ever, and the Gymshark family will always remain at the forefront of our thinking.

We are as excited as ever for the future of Gymshark. 

Big things are coming. Trust us.

London Pop-up Store

To celebrate our 5th birthday, Gymshark will be holding a pop-up shop at 3-7 Neal St, London WC2H 9PU, from the 8th to the 9th of July. See you there!


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