Five Minutes With... | Shaun Stafford

Five Minutes With... | Shaun Stafford


What do you think of the new GSHQ?

It’s amazing. It’s really cool, feels very much like Google! Loads of open spaces.

Did you see the old HQ?

No, I didn’t… but, I have heard it’s like a shoebox in comparison…

(Definitely not wrong there).

Now, we know you have the Everest Marathon coming up… How are you feeling?

Good. The last couple of weeks have been a little bit of a setback with an injury; I hurt my back, but before that it was plain sailing. 

Any other plans coming up?

To be honest, there’s no real massive projects coming up. The Everest thing has kind of taken over everything for the last six months! Then obviously the charity work and fundraising continue once we’re back. I think I will be trying to get my gains back! So, back in the gym and where I feel more comfortable. 

Which Gymshark product are you most looking forward to releasing?

I did just see the Breathe range and that is really cool.

What is your favourite Gymshark outfit to train in?

I love the Eaze Sleeveless T-shirt, it’s kind of my staple product to train in, but I also live in the Apex. 

Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind, or never speak again?

Everything on my mind. It would be a little bit weird for people, but I would rather that than never speak again. 

Oh, and for anyone interested, Shaun uses Head & Shoulders shampoo…

What? He has good hair. 

Thank you, Shaun!

Check out Shaun's blog on the Everest Marathon, right here

Check back next week, you never know who it may be... 


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