Five Minutes With... | Meggan Grubb

Five Minutes With... | Meggan Grubb


What do you think of the new HQ?

"It’s fabulous - I want to get in a napping pod!"

How do you think it compares to the old HQ?

"It's a much more creative and enjoyable work space! The canteen is amazing, you guys aren’t just limited to McDonalds anymore, haha." 

Do you have any exciting plans or projects coming up that you want to tell people about?

"I’m heading off to Bali soon which I am so excited about, then Costa Rica and Greece, so a busy few weeks! Also, I’m starting my “peach to the beach” YouTube series soon, which I’m so excited about! I will also be at the Gymshark Birmingham store and I can’t wait!"

Which Gymshark product are you most looking forward to releasing?

"I am loving the Slounge - I think it is my favourite Gymshark collection so far! There’s also some amazing Flex colours coming soon that are a bit of a colour pop!

What is your favourite Gymshark outfit at the moment? In, or out, of the gym…

"In the gym it is definitely the peach Ombré, it fits so well, and the colour is so flattering!"

Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind, or never speak again?

"Oh my god, I can’t answer that! Erm, I think I’d be extremely annoying if I said everything on my mind, so I’d rather keep my mouth shut - haha!"

Lastly... Would you rather always feel like you’re going to sneeze, or sneeze constantly? 

I think I’d have the before feeling one, it’s slightly pleasurable and I’d rather not be sneezing on everyone! 

We love ya, Meggan


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