Five Minutes With... | Lainey Bopster

Five Minutes With... | Lainey Bopster


How do you like the new Gymshark HQ?

I love it! Because, I have seen Gymshark progressing through like five years of being in a little office off the warehouse, to being in the last HQ, to being here. It’s not even like they were little steps, they were leaps. It was just massive progression really fast. 

Obviously, you saw the last HQ…

Yeah! And I mean before that it was just an office off the warehouse. I mean, you were told which toilet you could use. You know, the one that was slightly cleaner…

Do you have any exciting plans or projects coming up that you want to tell people about?

I’m going to be doing more on the blog. I obviously do my recipes, and they do take a lot of time to edit. They are completely different to my blogs, I wanted to separate them out from my blogs, I want them to be appreciated as their own kind of entity. I want them to be available for everyone, not just fitness people. So, I’ll be doing more about food and nutrition, because that is what I’m really passionate about. 

What is your favourite Gymshark outfit at the moment? In, or out, of the gym…

I think my favourite, just like loungewear, is the Slounge. The moment I got it, I messaged Lois, and was like “yes. Yes. Yes.” It’s just so comfy! Everyone loves it. I mean, I’m a short person, and they’re cropped on me. I think my go to for gym wear is the Fit leggings. I mean, I know it does depend on your shape, but they work for mine. I also love the Fit shorts, on an off day I’ll just wear them around the house. 

Lastly… Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind, or never speak again?

Say everything on my mind. Easy. 


Because I’m quite a genuine person. I kind of do say everything on my mind anyway… 

Thank you, Lainey!

Check back next week, you never know who it may be...


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