Five Minutes With... | BusyBee

Five Minutes With... | BusyBee


With plenty of the Gymshark athletes making their way to the new GSHQ, we figured it was a good time for a little chat... 

How do you like the new Gymshark HQ?

"It’s, amazing. I am just in awe of it, I love it so much!"

Because you saw the other HQ, didn’t you?

"Yeah! I feel like one little space in here is like the whole of the other HQ!"

Do you have any exciting plans or projects coming up that you want to tell people about?

"Ooh… I’m releasing a new fitness guide soon. I’m doing a summer one because I’ve been on an eight-week summer cut, so I wanted to do a plan to kind of mirror what I was doing. So, I’m excited about that! Also, my little clothing brand that I do on the side as well, it’s called ‘YAE’ which stands for ‘You Are Enough’. It’s like a self-love clothing brand; hopefully we’ll have some summer pieces coming out."

Which Gymshark product are you most looking forward to releasing?

"Ok, so, let’s just say there is a new colour of the Flex releasing very soon and I think people are just going to go crazy for it." 

What is your favourite Gymshark outfit at the moment? In, or out, of the gym…

"Ok, that is a hard question. I am a big fan of Flex - any Flex outfit - but I think at the moment my favourite outfit is the new Ombre Seamless in Grey, it’s just an essential." 

Lastly… Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind, or never speak again?

"Oh my gosh, that is a really hard question! How could you say everything on your mind? You’d have like no friends. Never speak again? You’d still have no friends. I think… I would go with everything on my mind. People would just have to accept it!"

We love ya, Carys

Check back soon for the next interview, you never know who it may be... 


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