Find Your Fit | Leggings


Find Your Fit | Leggings

You find a pair of Leggings you love; the fit is perfection; you can’t stop staring at your behind (yep, we know you do it) and so, you decide to buy another pair. Different style, same size. Disaster strikes. 

The fit is all wrong, you are no longer staring at your behind, and you are wondering where it all went wrong. 

Do. Not. Panic. Enter Gymshark, with all the information and help you need.

Different styles mean sizes do vary. So, after some extensive research, listening to you guys and your experiences, we have put together a guide to our leggings.

We suggest firstly checking out our size guide (found on the website) which provides exact measurements for our bottoms. So, give yourself a measure to ensure the perfect fit, and then check out the information below. Easy! 

High Waisted Seamless Leggings 

The Seamless leggings are designed with a high waisted and body contouring fit. Due to the stretch fit material blend, the High Waisted Seamless Leggings are true to size. We suggest giving yourself a measure around your waist (the smallest area) as this is where the leggings will sit. If you prefer a little extra room, you can up a size. As the Seamless leggings are form fitting, they will still fit perfectly. 

Flex Leggings

The Flex leggings are designed with a seamless knit and contouring pattern. The band is low waisted, so it will sit just above your hips, keep this in mind when choosing a size! They are true to size due to the stretch fit, however if you are in between sizes after measuring yourself, we would suggest going up a size, just in case. The coverage and moisture-wicking capabilities make these great for an intense workout. 

Fit Leggings

The Fit Leggings are super soft and comfortable. High waisted and with a stretch fit, they are perfect for an intense cardio session, or simply chilling on your day off. However, please be aware these leggings are form fitting, so we would suggest perhaps going up one size. They are made with a slightly thicker denier, which will ensure perfect coverage when purchased in the correct size.

Sculpture Leggings

The Sculpture Leggings are high waisted and offer a stretch fit. They are figure hugging, so we would suggest giving yourself a measure before purchasing. If you are well within a certain size, perfect! If you are in between, we would suggest going up a size. The waistband is designed to be form fitting, so you won’t constantly be pulling them up, bonus! They offer all-over coverage, which means when purchased in the correct size, they will be squat proof.

Fusion Leggings

Beautifully soft fabric and mesh panelling ensures breathability, whilst the fused waistband offers tummy controlling capabilities. We recommend going up a size if you are in between sizes, as the fused waistband provides a slightly closer fit. When purchased in the correct size, the Fusion leggings are squat proof. 

Aspire Leggings

The women’s Aspire Leggings are a must-have addition to your workout wardrobe. With a flattering high-waisted fit, soft stretch material and DRY moisture management technology. They sit comfortable on the smallest part of your waist, and stretch effortlessly with your movements. If you are well within a certain size, perfect! If you are in between, we would suggest sizing up.

Sleek Aspire Leggings

The Sleek Aspire are a stylish wardrobe addition you don't want to miss. With the same fit as the Aspire leggings, but with stunning mesh panelling. If you are well within a certain size, perfect! If you are in between, we would suggest sizing up.

TwoTone Leggings

With a striking two-toned design, flattering crossover high waist and concealed pockets, the TwoTone Leggings won’t disappoint. Effortlessly cool and incredibly soft to touch, they boast lasting comfort that doesn't compromise on style. We'd recommend sticking to your normal size!

Dreamy Leggings

Our softest leggings yet, with a truly dreamy feel. High-waisted, with a close and comfortable fit that hugs in all the right placed. They may feel like a dream, but trust us - they're the reality you've been waiting for. We'd advise sticking to your usual size!

Energy Seamless Leggings

Carefully crafted with detailing that's designed to enhance your physique whilst supporting your workout, the Energy Seamless collection is a new breed of fitness wear. The Energy Seamless Leggings are true to size when measured correctly - however, if you're in between sizes or totally unsure we'd advise sizing up!

The Simply Mesh Leggings

Breathable and beautifully feminine, the Simply Mesh leggings combine style and functionality. Featuring mesh accents to the thigh, and full mesh panelling to the back of the leg, they're both striking and effortlessly effective. The waistband sits high, with a snug and supportive feel for lasting comfort and a flattering fit. 

Due to the super supportive form fit, we'd advise upping a size if you plan to wear them for lifting, squats and compound movements. The Pastel Lilac colourway are durable and double-layered to ensure 100% squat-proof capability.

The Fusion Leggings

The Fusion Leggings feature an ultra high waist fit, with tummy control fused waistband that sculpts and flatters. Providing the ultimate support for your workout, flattering fabric gives the illusion of a flatter stomach, targets your core and shapes both your legs and glutes. The Fusion 2.0 fit true to size. However, if you tend to struggle with getting bottoms up over your hips/bum, we'd advise opting for the size up.

We hope you have found this guide helpful! 

Remember - you can always check out Gymshark athlete's YT videos for information on our clothing and their fit. Or, you can contact Customer Experience, who are more than happy to help when it comes to picking a size. 

Your perfect leggings are waiting for you, don't let us stop you from finding them... 

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