Explore: Slovenia

Explore: Slovenia


Despite Slovenia being half the size of Switzerland; it's packed with picturesque mountains, medieval castles and pristine alpine lakes. 

From exploring an abundance of wineries in the region (no word of a joke - there are about 28,000 wineries in Slovenia...they LOVE their wine) to trekking through the very scenic and remote Slovenian Alps, I promise you, there's something for everyone here!

I visited a lot of landmarks and points of interest over the course of my 2 week trip to Slovenia and although I didn't get to see everything I wanted to, I still got to knock quite a few different things off of my "must-see list". 

That being said, here are 5 spots in Slovenia that blew me away and left me wanting to come back again for more.


Popular by means of tourist attraction, but for good reason.

Lake Bled is one of the more popular spots on this lists - by means of tourist attractions - but for good reason. The trail around the lake offers tons of views and angles for shooting photos of the renown island church. The best bit? Row-boat rentals are available at the beach if you fancy a 10 minute paddle out to view the island from a different perspective. 

Not one to do things halfheartedly, there's also another viewpoint just slightly higher up called Ojstrica. To get here, there is a marked trail on the west side of the lake, just past the beach on the side of the road. The trail only takes around 20-30 minutes and quickly links up with a wider, unpaved service road - be careful not to miss the right turn at the fork!


A gorgeous mountain plateau, accessible by gondola. 

The main draw to this location is the unique and traditional Slovenian huts which are available to rent, right on the mountain top.

In the warmer, summer months herds of cattle roam the countryside and there is an active and thriving dairy farm community up there! All the while, being surrounded by the jaw-dropping Alps. It's a magical view.


A small crystal blue lake, nestled amongst a protected wetlands area.

A short walk down a well-maintained trail will lead you to this hidden gem. If you're heading here from Kranjska Gora, the parking lot will be on the left side of the road, just after pasing the Podkoren Village. There are signs from the parking lot that will then lead you to the lake - be careful though - there are multiple parking lots! We happened to park in the wrong one, walked the wrong trail and missed the sunset view!

TOP TIP: The best view can be found on the little wooden view tower at the lake. Climb to the top and take in all that sweet Slovenian goodness.



Zajamniki is a very small mountain village located high in the Slovenian mountains. Walking this particular hillside and watching the clouds roll through the mountains has to be one of my favourite moments in Slovenia!

Getting here can be a bit tricky as you won't be able to find this village on GPS or Google Maps... You pretty much have two options; you can drive, or you can rent bicycles and enjoy a 1-2 hour moderate bike loop. We opted to use the bikes, see more of the countryside and enjoy the scenery. 

I'll never forget sitting at the top of the hill in the village waiting for the clouds to clear and all of a sudden an old Slovenian lady emerged from the bushes behind me and started yodelling at the top of her lungs! You'll honestly create some oft he best memories here.


Cobblestone streets, colourful Venetian architecture and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea right at your doorstep. The small coastal town of Piran should not be overlooked on your itinerary!

The town is so small and to cut down on congestion all visitors arriving by car must park their vehicle at a parking garage just before entering the city. Don't panic though, there is a free shuttle bus that will drop you off right in the main piazza and take you back again!

The entire city is situated on a small cape surrounded by the ocean on all sides except the east. The wall on the east side was constructed to protect the city from invasion in the Medieval times. Today, it offers a great vantage point that overlooks the entire city.

It's not hard to fall in love with a place where the scenery is so pristine and beautiful. The people are kind and helpful and the food and culture are just as interesting and unique (if not more) than some of its more popular European counterparts. 

I fell in love with Slovenia and I know you will too.





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