Evolve Your Gym Experience | World Travel


Evolve Your Gym Experience | World Travel


It's no longer just about the workout.

With Generation Z taking the world by storm, technology is now central to the experience of exercise.

Be it in the form of downloading a workout plan from your favourite athlete or simply researching the most innovative gyms around the world - the overall style of fitness has begun to change, and we'll be honest, we stand behind the movement.

To quote our new GSHQ - it's time to "Evolve or Die".

So, with the world at our fingertips, we've decided to do some research. 

This time, we're bringing you a range of global gyms which will not only please the hardcore, weight-lifting enthusiasts, but also a few video gamers...

Need an excuse to travel? Get your passport ready - it's time.

"The Mecca" - Golds Gym
"The Mecca" - Golds Gym

1. Golds Gym | Venice, CA

"The Mecca of Bodybuilding" - where 'commitment, passion and dedication' radiate from every surface of the building.

With the likes of Charles Glass and Arnold Schwarzenegger imparting knowledge onto the next generation, Golds Gym has the ability to exceed all expectations and push you past your limits.

2. Doherty's Gym | Melbourne, AU

Opening times: 24/7/365. (24hrs a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year).

Having quite literally thrown their keys into Melbourne's Yarra river, Doherty's fast paced, weight-orientated gym is an institution that never sleeps.

3. Black Country Barbell | Birmingham, UK

0121. There's basic gyms and then there's the BCB. 

Having recently opened its doors in January 2018, the concept behind BCB is undoubtedly a 'strength and body-building gym' however, that descriptor itself doesn't do it justice. With the introduction of instructor led classes and regular competitions, its friendly atmosphere makes for an unbeatable experience. 

4. Jungle Gym | Tulum, Mexico

Remove the idea of confinement. Train with nature.

Tulum's Jungle Gym is in no way your average workout space. With dumbells crafted from wood, barbells constructed from stone and the beach as its prime location, your workout will be one to remember.

- Black Country Barbell
- Black Country Barbell

Now, this is where everything begins to change.

Video games become a reality, an amphitheatre becomes home to one of the largest fitness festivals in the world and rock climbing turns picturesque. Quite literally.

1. Tempest Academy | Vista, Hawthorne and Chatsworth, CA

Level up at the Tempest Academy.

For the freerunners and the lovers of parkour - the Tempest Academy brings something new to the fitness industry. With its interior decor following the theme of popular video games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros it really is every gamers dream.

2. Just Go Lift | National City, CA

Focusing on functional movement and training for obstacle races such as the Ninja Warrior, the 4300sqft gym is filled with some of the best obstacle training gear to date.

Offering crash pads, monkey bars, spear throws and even a tyre to take your anger out on, this training facility pushes you to the best of your ability.

3. Illoiha Omotesando | Tokyo, Japan

Take your rock climbing experience to new heights. 

Replacing the usual go-to boulders with a diverse range of picture frames in all shapes and sizes, Tokyo's new rock climbing wall is more than a unique experience. Can you picture it?

4. Fitness On The Rocks | Morrison, CO

Home to one of the largest fitness festivals in the world, the Red Rocks bring together 'dynamic music, dramatic settings and a fitness experience which is designed to test people of all ages and fitness levels.'

Whether you're after a peaceful yoga session during the famous golden hour or a HIIT workout first thing in the morning, Fitness On the Rocks is the place to be.

If this doesn't want to make you travel, we don't know what will. Embrace the change.


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