Elliot Burton | How I Got Sponsored by Gymshark

Elliot Burton | How I Got Sponsored by Gymshark


Ever wondered how to become a part of the Gymshark family? Watch Elliot Burton talk through his experience becoming one of our own, from grafting in the gym to being a part of one of our most successful campaigns.

In a world where social media reigns, Elliot gives us his take on standing out and giving value.

"I got a call from one of the athlete managers and he was just like we really like what you're doing, we love your content and the message that you're spreading. We'd love to take you on board..."

The #Gymshark66 campaign was our first campaign to not feature one of our own athletes. We asked Head of Digital Community Elfried Samba what it was that drew him to Elliot.

"We loved the fact he had his own thing going on," Elf explains. "What he was doing for himself was really cool, creative and he was consistent."

"It was clear he was working really hard and for me, he epitomised the message of 66."

Check out Elliot's first campaign feature below...

"It doesn't matter how many followers someone's got, or how many likes they get. At the end of the day, that's all irrelevant, it's who you are as a person." Elliot Burton

Found that useful? Read up on Shaun Stafford's top 3 pieces of advice on becoming a Gymshark athlete.

What sets you apart from the crowd? Let us know the comments below.



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