Elevate Your Workout Style

Elevate Your Workout Style


Elevate, elevate...

It's no myth that a killer workout combination can make all the difference to your performance. 

If you're feeling great about the way you look, you'll head to the gym with a more positive mindset and the motivation to bring it.

So when you find the garms that fit like a glove and offer support like your favourite push-up bra, it's an instant win.

As far as kick-ass co-ords go for making you feel as empowered as you look, the Elevate takes the new season to new heights.

Meet the newest additions to your workout wardrobe...


High support and totally chic, the Elevate isn't your ordinary sports bra.

Designed to combine support with ventilation, its double-layered fabric with mesh overlay keeps you cool yet covered.

Featuring a fully functional zipper and reflective logo detailing, its design is considered.

Thicker adjustable straps and wide racerback offer security for high-intensity.

 Or if the girls need more than your average support, we've got you. Ever wondered how important it is to be wearing the right sports bra for your shape?


Introduce 2018's hottest trend into your sweat sesh; functional and stylish, what's not to love?

The Elevate Cycling shorts are built from soft stretch fabrics for that snug, flattering fit that moves with you as you train.

Mesh panelling looks as cool as it is efficient, promoting the best breathability to keep you focused.



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