Camo Seamless Is Here

Camo Seamless Is Here


Our supportive seamless technology, now in new form.

You talk, we listen. Our seamless technology has served well to enhance your training in the past, giving you the confidence to take on those tough training days in a fit that flatters your shape, fabrics that support your movements and quality that endures.

But we also understand you're not willing to compromise on aesthetics. Neither are we.

The Camo Seamless Collection captures a combination of all you could ask for from your activewear, in a striking camo pattern guaranteed to turn heads.

Camo Seamless in Black and Sage Green
Camo Seamless in Black and Sage Green

Seamless is a firm favourite, for casual gym-goers and heavy lifters alike. 

Its construction is considered, undergoing a thoughtful design process that ensures fabrics are strong, supportive and physique-enhancing.

Camo Seamless in Black and Lavender Grey
Camo Seamless in Black and Lavender Grey

We got an insight from Lois Woodcock, Head of Womenswear Design at Gymshark.

How does the Camo Seamless compare to previous Seamless products?

It's incomparable to any Seamless product we've released before. The entire knit structure features an all-over jacquard pattern... something we've never done.

What was the design process like?

For a long time, I couldn't decide on a pattern for the collection. I had toyed with the idea of a camo print, but was overthinking it. For a while, I thought it was too simple and unoriginal. 

I had to tell myself: it's not always about designing something completely off the wall. 

I wanted to design something I knew everyone would love and camo is like black, it never goes out of style.

Any personal favourites from the collection?

I love the sports bra. The overall shape is so flattering, the back especially...

What's next for Seamless?

The Camo Seamless Collection was designed a year ago now, so there's a lot to come that nobody's aware of just yet. 

The Camo is my favourite Seamless product we've released so far because of how incredible the fit is. My new favourite is still in development.

Leggings are high-waisted, with an elongated ribbed waistband to give you that feeling of tummy control and support so you can move through your workout with full confidence. 

Branding is subtle, tonal and seamlessly knit into powerful stretch fabric. 

Camo Seamless in Sage Green and Lavender Grey
Camo Seamless in Sage Green and Lavender Grey

It sees the ultimate marriage of design, driven by both performance and style. The Camo Seamless Leggings feature cinched bum-scrunch detailing for the ultimate booty contour, with the same flattering ruching to the chest of the long sleeve crop.

In an effort to enhance both your performance and your confidence, the focus is on the technologies we know you depend on in the gym and the must-have styles we know you love.

The Camo Seamless Collection drops December 26th at 3pm GMT. 

Who's getting it? 



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