Build Your Legacy

Build Your Legacy


A Legacy is built. So is a bodybuilders physique. 

So was Gymshark.

With the creation of Gymshark came the iconic Legacy collection, a design featuring the original Gymshark logo and a fit specifically created for a bodybuilder’s physique.

With the newest Legacy launch fast-approaching, we wanted to do something we’ve never done before. We wanted to go behind the campaign. So, we spoke to the man behind ‘Build Your Legacy’, Ash Evans, (the guy who creates all the ridiculously cool motion graphic stuff you see).

“When I looked in to the meaning behind ‘Legacy’ it was all statues, hall of fame, Greek mythology etc. So, the idea was the original Gymshark athletes (Lex, Ogus, and Lavado), immortalized as statues whilst David is still building his Legacy training in the gym.”

Lex Griffin and Matt Ogus

The video also features the voice of Dorian Yates, six time winner of Mr. Olympia from 1992 to 1997. His voice was recorded in Marbella during a quick 24 hour trip with Chief Creative Officer, Noel Mack, and Head of Campaign & Creative, Ash Wilson

The emotive and inspiring words you hear were written by Gymshark copywriter, Harry Foley. We caught up with him to get a little insight in to the thought process behind the script you hear…

"It’s the glamour of success that receives all the attention and respect, but we really wanted to promote the idea that it should go to the aspiration of ‘the journey’. Those early steps you’re taking are the same ones your idols took when they began, so keep following."

David Laid and Chris Lavado

Check out our Behind The Scenes look at this incredible campaign…

The Legacy Collection is a testament to Gymshark and what we stand for. 

It’s our roots, it’s our beginning and it’s our future. 

What will you leave behind?

10/12/18 7PM GMT

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