BLOGMAS | WATCH | How to stay active at Christmas without the gym

BLOGMAS | WATCH | How to stay active at Christmas without the gym


Keeping fit at Christmas can be hard.

Not only is it the season of chilling on the sofa, watching festive films and eating too many mince pies, but if you get the urge to get up and about the chances are your local gym has closed for the festive period anyway.  

Never fear. 

This doesn’t mean you have to resort to clicking ‘continue watching’ for the 5th time that day. 

Check out some of our athletes anywhere workout videos to help you stay active even when the gym is closed. 

Abs with Elizabeth Zaks 

The workout  

  • Plate pass (4x10) 
  • Standing walkouts low to high plank (4x10) 
  • Plank rolls (4x20) 
  • Lying scissor kicks (4x20) 
  • Tuck-ins (4x10)

Full body with Whitney Simmons

The workout

30 seconds of each exercise followed by 30 seconds of rest

  • Jumping side-to-side lunges
  • In and out jumps 
  • Reverse lunge left and right to jumping sumo squat 
  • Toe touch in and out jumps
  • Curtsy lunges 

5-minute resistance band circuit (repeat twice)

  • 30 seconds side to reverse lunge 
  • 30 seconds side to reverse lunge (other leg) 
  • 30 seconds reverse fly to bicep curl 
  • 30 seconds lat pulldown to face pull 
  • 30 seconds hip thrusts 
  • 30 seconds hamstring curls with 5 pulses 
  • 1-minute shoulder press to 4 side steps 
  • 30 seconds forearm plank 
  • 30 seconds plank hip dips 

Booty with Nikki Blackketter 

The workout 

  • Glute kickbacks (3x10-12 per leg)
  • Hip abductor kick out (3x10-12 per leg) 
  • Glute hip thrusts (3x10 per leg, then 10 with both legs)
  • Jump squats with resistance band (3x15) 
  • Mountain Climbers (3x20)
  • Pikes (3x8-10) 
  • Knee tucks (3x20) 
  • Reverse crunch hip thrusts (3x20) 

Give these at home workout a try and let us know how you get on. 

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