BLOGMAS | WATCH: Booty workout and Baking with Meggan Grubb

BLOGMAS | WATCH: Booty workout and Baking with Meggan Grubb


This video literally has everything you could possibly need this festive season. 

Christmas songs, cute puppies, booty workout inspo and Christmas cookies. 

(The only thing that could possibly make this better is a Gymshark outfit of your choice. Find out how to win down below) 

Meggan, we love you. 

The workout 

  • Glute activation 
  • Squats 8X5 
  • Barbell lunges 8X4 each leg 
  • Elevated barbell Romanian deadlift 8X4
  • Hip thrusts 10X4
  • Leg press 10X4 
  • Cable pull throughs 10X5 

The cool down 


Check out the video for the full recipe and give them a go. 

Top tip: Double up the recipe and get some cute bags and ribbon and give some as a cute homemade gift! 

Why not make the most of bulking season by smashing this killer booty workout followed by Christmas cookies? – it’s called balance people.

To get your hands on todays outfit, comment your Instagram handle and fave Gymshark product below and come back tomorrow for more BLOGMAS. Double your chances to win and go enter on Snapchat too at @gymsharktv

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WINNER: Morgan Odell

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