BLOGMAS | Christmas party survival guide

BLOGMAS | Christmas party survival guide


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It is officially the season of the Christmas parties, which can only mean one thing: lots of buffets and lots of alcohol. 

Never fear here is the ultimate guide to surviving your Christmas party. 

Eat in advance 

Picture the scene: You rock up to the Christmas party having not eaten since 12:00. It’s now 7:00 and suddenly those mini sandwiches and sausages on a stick are looking very appealing. You tell yourself you’ll just have one but 15 cocktail sausages and half a trifle later, you realise you probably should have just eaten before you came. 

Eating a planned and balanced meal in advance will stop you reaching for the canapés (or at least stop you reaching for as many of the canapés). 

If the canapés really are unavoidable, look at your options before just piling everything on your plate. 

Pick a few things you know you’re going to enjoy and that are going to leave you full and satisfied. 

Pick your tipple wisely 

While we would recommend alternating between alcohol and water, we understand that that might not be the most realistic of advice. 

However, the sad truth is alcohol is not only calorific but too much, and you’ll be nursing a headache the following day.

There are some ways you can keep the damage to a minimum. 

First off, try and stick to clear spirits and switch up your lemonade mixer for tonic water. If you do fancy a cocktail, try and find one that is mixed with soda water and avoid creamy, sugary based mixes. 

Also, it is a truth universally acknowledged that mixing your alcohol only makes your hangover worse, so pick your tipple and stick with it. 

Tomorrow is a new day 

Yes, you might still have a banging headache and trying to avoid your social media, but it is a new day in terms of your fitness and nutrition

Don’t write it off!

Get yourself a high protein, satisfying breakfast and get yourself moving. You don’t have to be hitting the gym and hitting a squat PR, but try and get some low-intensity exercise into your day. 

Ultimately, it’s Christmas, and it only comes around once a year so make the most of it, be safe and enjoy yourself. 

Just don’t do anything we wouldn’t do. 

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