Blackout | Thank you


Blackout | Thank you


Blackout has officially ended, and we cannot thank you enough.

We were (and remain), completely blown away by the incredible support and love we received during the Blackout. Your passion for Gymshark and our journey is something we appreciate more than words could ever express.

It was an unbelievable experience. 

If you would like to see a little of what went down behind the scenes, check out Ben Francis’ Vlog, owner of Gymshark, as he takes you through Gymshark HQ during the first day of the Blackout. 

Now then, we understand you have questions, and we are here to help.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

I just received an email stating my order is on its way, but I have already received my order!?

Do. Not. Panic.

Unfortunately, we experienced a technical difficulty in which orders were being delivered (yay), but remained unfulfilled on our system (boo). If you have received your package, and then received this email, please do not worry - you will not be charged twice. Simply ignore and enjoy your new clothes!

I have emailed, Facebook messaged, and slid in to your DM’s on Twitter – still no reply!

Please understand, our Customer Experience team is working as quickly as possible to get through all emails and messages after the Blackout period. We genuinely reply to ALL enquiries; however, during super busy periods, it can take a little longer. Rest assured, the team will get back to you. We seriously appreciate your patience and ask that you get in touch using one method of contact, as this makes it easier for our team. 

I ordered during the Blackout, and I still haven’t received my order, where is it?

Please be aware, orders can take up to ten working days to be delivered after the time in which you ordered. However, if you have not received your package (or email stating it is on its way), and it has been longer than ten working days, please do contact the Customer Experience team with your order number (beginning with #), and they will look in to this for you.

I want to exchange an item, is this possible?

We do not offer exchanges or store credit - a refund via your original payment method will be processed once we receive your item. If you are returning your item (for a different size etc.) and wish to purchase again, please be aware you will no longer be able to purchase the item at sale price. 

I want to return an item, but the returns portal is not working, help!

We are incredibly sorry about this! We experienced some technical difficulties in regards to the returns portal – this should now be fixed and in full working order! 

Great! Wait… how do I use the returns portal?

The order number must be written with the # in front, and the following two letters/numbers, for example: #UK1234. When it comes to entering your personal information, please ensure it is written exactly as it is on your order. So, if your postcode is written in lowercase, do not write it in capitals.  If you’re still having trouble, try entering your email address where your postcode is.

I ordered an item, but then I received an email saying it had sold out!

We cannot apologise enough if this is something you have experienced. Our team is currently looking in to this, and will be in contact via email if you have purchased an item that is out of stock- you will be refunded immediately. Please be aware, it will not affect any in stock items you may have ordered. This is an issue we very rarely experience, and we will work hard to ensure it never happens again. 

Will you be restocking now the Blackout is over?

We are currently working on restocks! Keep an eye on our Social Media and Gymshark Central for all updates in regards to this. We always aim to keep you as updated as possible! 

If you have any further questions, comment below!


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