Blackout | Black Friday FAQs

Blackout | Black Friday FAQs


You talk, we listen. 

We've been keeping a close eye on the questions you ask, so we've put together this handy article, so you can stay up to date with all things Blackout. 

What date is Blackout starting? 

Blackout begins on the 19th of November at 3pm GMT

What items are going to be discounted and at how much? 

We can't give you specifics (where is the fun in that?) But all items will be from 20% - 70% off. 

How long is the blackout sale going to be on for? 

We haven’t confirmed an end date just yet, so make sure you’re ready when we go live so you don’t miss out! 

Are the items being restocked? 

Our stock is distributed across all stores, so don’t be surprised if an item that was previously out of stock is now available! We suggest checking back every now and again to see if an item you want has become available again.  

Are you releasing any more items during Blackout? 

We may have a surprise in store for Black Friday. Stay tuned… 

Will the returns policy be extended? 

Yes! We’ve extended our returns policy until the end of January. For any queries you may have in regard to returns, deliveries etc. Please check out our general FAQs here

Why did an item disappear from my cart?

We know that there can sometimes be a bit of a panic at checkout, and totally understand the frustration of being unable to purchase an item though it may have been in your cart.

Unfortunately, items are not reserved once they’re added to your cart.

Why has my order been cancelled?

If your order has been cancelled and suspected fraudulent, don’t panic! This is an automated message generated when our payment security system detects something wrong.

It may be that the billing address that you have entered does not match the card you are using to checkout. Please ensure that all the details are correct and try again. 

You may also benefit from using an alternative payment method such as PayPal to check out.

I placed two orders, can I combine them?

If you have placed two separate orders, we are unfortunately unable to combine these or refund shipping charges.

This also includes being able to add to your order, remove an item or amend sizes.

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