Best alternative fitness classes in Toronto

Best alternative fitness classes in Toronto


We couldn’t stay away from the 6ix for long.

We’ve done chess boxing in Berlin, Lunar Nights in Sydney, and now it is time to explore the best alternative fitness classes Toronto has to offer. 

In the (slightly tweaked) words of Toronto-born Drake, it’s time to get your sweatpants on and tie your hair up, because here are some of our favourites.

Sugar Hoops 

Despite what the name suggests, Sugar Hoops is not a delicious snack. It is, in fact, a hula hooping class.

Yep, that thing you did when you were 7 could actually be the secret to getting a killer core.

A great low-impact activity that will have you working up a sweat and rekindling your childhood all at the same time! 


Want to get a killer bod while rocking out to your favourite Queen B tune? Then look no further. 

Beyography teaches you some iconic Beyonce dance moves helping you burn calories and preparing you for the next time you hit the dance floor.

Rumour has it there might even be a little bit of Destiny’s Child thrown in there if you’re looking for a real #tb


Nope, we had no idea either…

Turns out that Spynga is a mix between spinning and yoga. The classes incorporate both exercises along with circuit training to make one killer hybrid.

Not for the faint-hearted, but on the plus side there are no mirrors in Spynga’s studios, so you won’t be able to see what a sweat mess you become… every cloud.

EMS training 

EMS training, otherwise known as Electronic Muscle Stimulation, is a class that shocks your muscles into shape. 

Picture the scene; you’re dressed up in a jumpsuit that will have you looking like you’ve just stepped straight out of a superhero movie and pulsing currents are being sent through your body as you work out.

We know it sounds terrifying but apparently just a 20-minute session is as hard as doing a full body gym workout.

Worth it? We’ll let you decide.

Mermaid classes with AquaMermaid 

Saving the best until last here, aren’t we? 

Ever wanted to be a mermaid? OF COURSE YOU HAVE.

Well now you can and, even better, you can keep fit while doing it. Slide on your mermaid tail and throw yourself in the deep endquite literally. You will learn how to swim like a mermaid while building endurance and cardio fitness.

Lads, fear not, this one isn't just for the ladies. Have you ever seen a merman without a six pack? We think not. 

Which of these do you fancy trying out? 

Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to see where we go to next. 


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