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Behind the Design: Vital Seamless Collection

Behind the Design: Vital Seamless Collection


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With the anticipated re-release of the Vital Seamless Collection on all of our radars, we sat down with Head of Womenswear Lois Woodcock to talk through the range.

How long has this release been in development?

It was designed in August last year so it’s been in the works for a long time, over a year from design to launch. The team are working on AW19 right now, so it really feels like forever ago for me.

Until now, the collection has been tops and sports bras only. Why did you decide to add the leggings?

We wanted to add leggings to the range as there wasn’t an offering of a core seamless legging, one that went with almost anything. I see the Vital Seamless as a layering family and one that can sit well with the rest of the line. It just made sense.

"We really do listen to feedback and as a team, we do our best to show for it in our designs." Lois Woodcock, Head of Womenswear Design.

What makes it different to other Seamless products?

It’s a lot more lightweight than Energy and Amplify, softer to touch with plainer knits. It’s still super stretchy, snug, breathable, sweat-wicking, supportive and high quality but it’s more... understated.

It’s so much more versatile and as a family, you can really mix and match. I see it as a staple collection and a gym essential that’s great for an advanced gym-goer but also for someone just starting out.

The leggings have had such a great response from our athletes. Why do you think that is?

We've just taken on a lot of the feedback we were getting in the past. 

We’ve released so many versions of leggings over the years and gotten loads of comments that it would be stupid not to take it on board.

We really do listen to feedback and as a team, we do our best to show for it in our designs.

The waistband has been reduced, so it’s not as deep as the Energy and the leg length has been shortened slightly. 

There's no eyelet detailing with the Vital Seamless leggings, as to offer something that works in anyone's wardrobe.

It’s performance wear, but it’s not intimidating. 

It’s designed to enhance your performance, but it’s not a scary product for a beginner. 

"We wanted to do something a little bit different..." Lois Woodcock, Head of Womenswear Design.

Talk us through the Vital Seamless Shrug?

The shrug was all about doing something a little bit different with Seamless technology - with the Vital Seamless leggings and sports bra layered underneath, it's a really powerful look.

Thoughts on this season’s colour palette?

It’s not your typical autumnal colours, but I think the gym is one of the few places where you can go a bit wilder with colour. 

We’re always going to create leggings that pop a bit of colour into your wardrobe, whilst also offering your staple blacks and greys.

Do you think people are going to love them as much as the Flex and previous Seamless?

I think they’re going to love them more.


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