Barcelona's Hidden Gems | Part 1

Barcelona's Hidden Gems | Part 1


If you visit Barcelona, you’re bound to find yourself walking down La Rambla being called in to every restaurant selling a slightly different version of the same paella. 

If you fancy a change, here’s a list of a few hidden gems within Barcelona that will set your taste buds on fire. 

And please, don’t be fooled by the exterior/interior of these places - get used to the rustic look!

Bo De B

You’ll usually find Bo De B with a queue outside the door and the smell of fresh bread wafting in to the streets. 

It may have a Subway style setup, but Bo De B’s is far from a Subway sandwich… 

Selling bocadillos, patatas bravas and salads, Bo De B is most probably the place you’ll be recommended to visit if you want a quick and delicious food fix. 

With choices ranging from feta cheese, salmon, marinated chicken, and all the veg in the world, you can basically build the baguette (or salad) of dreams. 

It’s pretty darn good. 

Bo De B


Translation: lettuce (seriously). 

In reality, Lechuga is a pizzeria. And it’s very, very good. 

Tucked away down a side street of the Gothic Quarter, Lechuga is a firm favourite for a late night pizza fix. 

Oh, and whoever makes the pizza that day has free rein, creating whatever takes their fancy, so you’ll most probably never eat the same pizza twice. 

If you don’t fancy a slice, the empanadas are pretty slammin’ too. 

Bodega Biarritz 

You’re in Spain, of course you want tapas…

Just off Plaça Reial, Bodega Biarritz may be a tiny space, but it’s filled with delicious tapas. 

With everything laid out across the bar, you can opt for a surprise in which the staff choose for you, or choose for yourself, it’s then heated up and served! With vegetarian options, classic tapas, and delicious sangria, you’re bound to fall in to a food coma sooner rather than later. 

Lechuga and Bodega Biarritz

And if you fancy some after dinner drinks…

Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa is a small cocktail bar hidden just round the corner from the bustling Plaça Reial. You will usually find people spilling over in to the street from this small bar (not much bigger than most peoples living room). 

With its unusual decor (check out the wallpaper in the toilet), and cosy but moody vibe, Sub Rosa is infamous for delicious cocktails, good pricing and extended happy hours…

Sub Rosa

Check back next week for part 2 of Barcelona’s hidden gems!

Do you have any places to add to the list? Let us know below! 



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