Balancing Training, Competing, University, And The Rest...


Balancing Training, Competing, University, And The Rest...


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Naturally being someone who isn’t the greatest under stress and pressure, combined with the fact I like to worry myself sick (about everything), you would think to yourself ‘why the hell is Beth putting herself through this all?’

The fact is, I enjoy challenging myself. I enjoy pushing the boundaries and learning, adapting and growing from them. I used to be someone that never took a risk or opportunity for fear of failing or being let down etc. I also suffered from bad social anxiety; I never felt like I fitted in, and it was obvious in my body language. This just made me hide in my shell even more for fear of being judged.

Mostly, I think it was down to worrying too much about other people’s opinions of me and letting it get in the way. When I started university and the gym, I built my confidence and found something I was passionate about- that confidence started to drip into other parts of my life, not just in training. Fast forward a few years and I try to soak up as much opportunity as possible, even ones that carry risk. I get so much back from putting myself in uncomfortable places. Sure, not all go to plan, and I fail sometimes… but that’s okay, (although a little annoying as I am a perfectionist)!

SO much has come from me taking a few risks and putting myself out there, it’s been the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Changing my mind-set, outlook on life and building my self-confidence has allowed me to find things I am truly passionate about. 

Which leads me into my show and finishing my degree.

Why now? I wanted to compete last year but was too scared of the unknown and put it off. This year I said ‘Beth, you are DOING this, you CAN do it, you are more capable than you think’. To do this has meant some serious adaptation to my habits, I struggle to be super organised and when the pressure hits, I suffer, (as mentioned previously). The only way I am going to stay on top of things is to be as organised and in control as possible. 

So, how am I making changes and managing my way through this stressful time? I have a lot of lists that I create on a Sunday to keep me on track for the coming week (my mum would be proud)! These lists range from things at university I need to complete, as well as social media (editing videos etc.) my training times, and posing practice. I even have a list stuck inside my cupboard to remind me to take my vitamins before food, as well as any other necessary supplements I am currently using. 

When I brainstorm for my weekly lists, I write them in an order which is reflective of how important they are, sometimes including a time scale and deadline if this is relevant. I keep my lists for different areas of my life separate so it doesn’t seem like some big jumbled mess of things I need to do! If I created a to do list of 50+ items all on one piece of paper with no order or regulation, I think I would be in panic mode all week! 

When it comes to my training schedule I look at my lecture times, general university deadlines, and plan around them, accounting for other elements such as posing practice, stretching/warming up and down etc. 

Sunday is also my day to plan meals for the week and do lots of food prep! You could call Sunday my preparation day - it’s what keeps me sane. You may think “hell, I bet this takes you AGES, all I want to do on a Sunday is chill!” 

Well, food prepping only takes me 1-2 hours and my lists take me an hour. That is three hours out of your day to keep you on track for the rest of the week!

Let’s not forget though, I am definitely not a robot. I have weeks that go stupidly wrong, even months! I have days where I panic and think it’s impossible to do everything I want to do. But I pick myself up when I can and continue, because having goals makes me feel alive, gives me motivation and ultimately puts me in those uncomfortable places that help me to grow. 

Make a list this Sunday, give yourself a plan for the week, and give it your best shot! The more in control you feel, the more likely you will succeed. 

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